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Arnold Sidun



15+ Years experience of financial statement preparation, cash management, budgeting and analysis, SOX audit, general ledger accounting, reconciliations, coordination, forecasting, international accounting, and revenue recognition. Management experience includes benefits management, general operations management, and policy and procedure development guided by SOX 404 compliance along with an excellent portfolio of start-up, restart, and turnaround expertise across diverse industries in all aspects of accounting with a demonstrated record of enhancing fiscal efficiency and cost reductions. Combined accounting expertise with technology proficiency to manage system conversions and implement improved software applications that streamlined processes maximized productivity, and increased accuracy levels. Lead several accounting conversions bringing in new systems and process improvements ahead of schedule.

Operations & Financial Management Capital & Operating Budget and Control Cash Management & Optimization Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance International Accounting Expense Planning & Control Payables & Receivables Systems Implementation Revenue Recognition Financial Statements Contract Review General Ledger



Mentor : Mentoring Start-ups - [2010-01 to 2010-01]
Quortoth Software, LLC, Software (Start-Up) TinSaucer Productions, Inc., Internet Game Developer (Start-Up) (Confidential), LLC, Biotechnology Company (Start-Up) Sequoians, Inc., Non-Profit (Restart) - Volunteer Accounting and Financial Mentor • Development and direction of financials template for Business Plans. • Reviewed and recommended strategic plans. • Restructured the complete Accounting and internal control process for contribution of revenue and expenses for restart. • Directed set up of accounting system.

Interim Controller : People Flex - Contract Controller - [2009-07 to 2010-01]
• Restructured the complete Accounting and internal control process for contribution of revenue and expense. • Returned Accounting GAAP Standard with further compliance to FASB 116 – Accounting for Contributions Made and Earned, FASB 117 – Financial Statements for Non-Profits, FASB 117-1 – Endowments of Not-for-Profits and FASB 124 – Investments Held fundamentals to Accounting Department. • Implemented new accounting system optimizing the utilization of Great Plains Software and report writers – F9 Writer. • Tracked contribution revenue and expense performance against the budget. • Updated integration of HMIS Cemetery (Enterprise application software) software data into Great Plains. • Set up and integrated a new company addition to suite of existing companies. • Reset monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting document and structure within F9 report writer. • Conducted daily full charge “Fund Accounting” services.

Controller : StrongMail Systems,Inc.-Software Startup - [2007-10 to 2008-10]
• Reduced outstanding receivables of ($4.9M) from 40% over 90 to 0% in less than six months. • Implemented new accounting system and optimized all aspects of accounting for US Operations including Revenue Recognition (SOP 97-2, 98-4 & 98-9, SAB 101, 103 and 104, EITF Issue 00-21, 08-1, and 09-3). • Equity reporting FAS 123-R. • Managed of International Accounting: (UK Accountancy Contractor), Australia and Canadian financial obligations. • Established, implemented, and maintained the company’s global accounting policies and procedures. • Developed and implemented SOX 404 policies, procedures and controls and managed the company’s (SOX), performance of the annual audit, quarterly reviews, and produced narratives. • Leader in Contract negotiations. • Produced financial and special reporting to Board, Management, and Lenders in conjunction with monthly financial package for CFO and investors while compiling tax information for tax return.

Contract Controller Consultant : SM GROUP - [2003-03 to 2008-02]
• Guided the development and implementation of operational improvements to corporations, start-ups, and fledgling companies in multiple industries. • Oversee daily accounting functions, review financial result and prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financial presentations. • Work with executive management in compiling and creating forecast for contract assignment(s). • Developed and implemented new accounting, inventory control, and management processes which significantly reduced processing process which improved financial reporting. • Enhanced online order management and credit card acceptance practices. • Analysis and management of corporate insurance which delivered cost savings when insuring corporate assets. • Analysis of Real Property for restructuring of assets and consolidation of Financial Reports. • Produced analysis of General Ledger; analyzed Sub-company Financials in preparation for tax returns.  Conducted daily full charge “Fund Accounting” services.



BS, Business Administration : University of Missouri-St Louis

MBA, Business Administration : City University of Seattle