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Christine Speedy

Global Business Development


I personally specialize in cloud payment processing solutions for manufacturing, wholesale distributors, auotmotive and professional services, with a primary target of $5M to $250M annual revenues.

Most clients have a 'credit card not present' component, though checks/ACH are often their primary receivables method.

SaaS: Cloud credit card and check processing technology

3 key differentiators:
1. Automatically optimize credit/debit for lowest cost interchange rate - HUGE potential impact on EBITDA
2. Reporting- 7 year audit trail with actionable data in real time as well as custom delivered reports with data to help you improve EBITDA, mitigate risk.
3. Products that solve problems: other companies have some, but no one has the depth of solutions all with one secure interface

Client favorite tool: 4 ways to bill using tokens, random alpha-numeric charcters that replace sensitive credit card or checking data. Installment, fixed recurring, on demand variable, and schedule any time, any amount, any payment method

Hot products: Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP), secure hosted pay page.

I maintain a blog outside of the CenPOS corporate site at to communicate and exchange information for reflecting the types of questions I get every day. See also 3dmerchant on youtube



Bachelor of Science, Marketing Management : Martin J. Whitman School of Management (at Syracuse University )