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Chief Financial Officer

Pro Tech International

Results oriented and motivated executive with successful experience building and leading teams of professionals toward well communicated goals in both large corporate structured companies and smaller entrepreneurial organizations. A leader with a track record of adding significant value to high growth, customer focused organizations. Comfortable with dynamic work environment that includes frequent changes in priorities.

Develop and implement business plans, negotiate contracts and lead cross functional teams to establish and meet organizational objectives.

Lead conversion teams through takeovers and changes in management. Develop and execute action plans and training materials for management changes.

Coordination with Board level constituents to develop business objectives, then execute plan of action to obtain desired results.

Well versed in establishing financial controls, preparation of financial statements and managing financial resources of organizations throughout the country.



Chief Financial Officer : Pro Tech International - [2011-10 to Current]
Worldwide distributor of chemicals to the sugar and water treatment industries in the USA, Australia, Central America and Asia.

Inventory Control: Establish processes that ensure company greater degree of flexibility and control over delivery of product to both domestic and international customers.
Cash Flow: Negotiate lending instruments with lenders to ensure adequate cash coverage for inventory purchases. Ensure cash availability during season where receivables cycle and payables cycles are out of sync, (collections come in approximately 15 to 30 days after payments are due to vendors.)
Financial Analysis: Develop tools to analyze and project inventory purchasing requirements, including cash flow analysis, financial statement preparation and inventory trend analysis.
Tax: Manage the tax reporting process for the business to ensure appropriate reporting and payment of tax liabilities.

VP Finance : ATS Logistics - [2010-04 to 2011-04]
Family owned warehousing, transportation and freight management company with operations in Charleston, SC.

Challenges: Overcome 2 years of strain on the companies finances and cash flow resulting from the economic downturn of 2008/09.

Banking Relationships: Developed financial tools geared toward obtaining financing to reduce monthly cash outlays dedicated to financing.
Financial Management: Lead a team of accounting staff to provide timely and fully analyzed financial statements each month.
Executive Leadership: Participate on “Round Table” executive committee for purpose of establishing organizational direction and executing tactical strategies.

President : Glitter to Green LLC - [2009-03 to 2010-02]
Challenges: Need existed to hire and train staff in company procedures along with compliance issues related to Anti Money Laundering rules applicable to the business. Work through regulatory issues with regard to direct purchases of precious metals from the public, including development of Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) program.

Business Start Up: Established a mail in service for gold purchases in London, England. Developed complete flow of business processes to accept precious metals through the mail and ensure appropriate payment to clients after they have the opportunity to view the testing of their gold via SKYPE call online. Hired management team for our London operations, including both the gold party and mail in operations.
Launched gold party business for the company in the Los Angeles market. Developed new method of purchasing gold when the party business had to be eliminated as a result of regulatory concerns.

President/CFO : Diamond Bay Investments - [2007-06 to 2008-10]
Product Development: Coordinated with CEO in the development of an investment fund in which company provided our investors the opportunity to spread the risk of their individual trust deed investment across multiple deals. Raised over $20 million into the fund, including creative methods that allowed investors to participate through transfers of investments already made with Diamond Bay.
Strategic Planning: Determined the need to build a wholly owned broker/dealer to provide company with new avenue for sale of fund products. Built the broker/dealer from scratch, including the development of a business plan, supervisory procedures, financial projections and external relationships necessary for the maintenance and back up of electronic records.
Investor Relations: Created reporting mechanisms for Registered Investment Advisors and their clients on the operations of the fund.

President/CFO : Priority Networks, Inc. - [2002-07 to 2007-06]
Infrastructure Development: Developed financial controls to maintain positive cash flow while managing the significant outlays of resources required, up front, for each new client. Developed financial reporting mechanisms, formalized human resources policies and led an executive team that focused the operations and engineering functions on cooperative efforts toward company goals.
Business Development: Changed company's approach to obtaining clients, resulting in new contracts in new markets valued at over $2 million per year.
Leadership: Developed a team of professionals working toward continued growth, both through new accounts and through expansion of revenue base in older accounts. Revenue base expansion in older accounts resulted in adding over $500,000 in annual revenue. Developed a training program for nationwide network of managers
Transition: Managed the sale of Priority Networks, Inc. to our competitors.



MBA, Executive MBA : Colorado State University - [1994 to 1996]

Bachelors of Science in Business Admin, Accounting : Old Dominion University - [1982 to 1987]