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C-Suite Services

Who I am and what I do.....

A pop culture reference - Cmdr. Riker (Star Trek The Next Generation) meets Pepper Potts (Iron Man) with a CFO (finance/accounting/audit) and operational background.  Someone who can and has taken the helm when needed 

For start-ups, THE ADULT ON THE TEAM.  For growing companies, A FRESH SET OF EYES  for CEOs and BODs to help in value creation; strategy formulation/refinement, strategy execution and problem solving as a Consulting CFO, COO , Chief of Staff to the CEO and/or as an Independent Board Member/Advisor. 

Straddling between strategy and execution, the consigliere; the "swiss army knife"​; the sounding board'​ the quarterback, the devil's advocate, that has helped CEOs and led companies to :
a. "right the ship"​ (change or crisis/turnaround management); 
b. establish financial (build-outs/scaling) and operational (best practices) structure for growth;
c, improve performance/profitability; 
d. prepare (clean-up, make it attractive to investors/buyers) the company for a successful exit  and 
e. get it sold! .
f.  Free up CEO time to focus on strategic issues (and hopefully have some personal time).

"Aut viam inveniam aut faciam"​ .......I'll either find a way or make one! (attributed to Hannibal; when his generals told him it was impossible to cross the Alps by elephant).

A BUSINESS MODEL approach (industry agnostic) and focused on VALUE CREATION to strategic, financial and operational management.