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Janella Crum


Tier One Services

I am a Consultant for Tier One Services, a management accounting firm providing services to companies who are looking for big growth. We customize our offerings to fit the unique needs of each company we serve.

I obtained a degree in Industrial Engineering from The University of South Florida and am Six Sigma certified.  With my background I am able to provide a different perspective to the Client by streamlining current processes.  Simplifying and optimizing business processes, whether big or small, brings ease to the client.
Before working for Tier One Services I worked for a large supermarket chain as an Industrial Engineer.  A project that I pride in most is a snack food line that I was able to lead from concept to production.  This product is still on the shelves and yielded a 13% increase of what was being sold in stores.

I am always interested in connecting with professional acquaintances so please feel free to reach out to me!

Here are a few Client testimonials Tier One Services has received!

"You have and are making this process efficient, simple and effective use of the QuickBooks tools...and above all and most important, a repeatable process, approaching automated." - CEO of a startup who received QuickBooks file creation and setup, optimization for business intelligence, and integration with EDI so he can start taking orders and build his $10M business

"Fantastic service. I wouldn't change a thing and it was worth every penny." - CEO of a startup who is now clear on which accounting system will help his company scale, and is completely set up in Xero

"Time is money...[I can] charge the customer the same amount, they get the same results, and it takes me 4 minutes instead of 4 hours." - CEO of a government contract consultancy who received a custom macro-powered Excel template for use in her own engagements