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Jennifer Leake

Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

Assessment Pros LLC

If you are like me, you've been in jobs you've loved .... and jobs you've hated. I'm passionate about helping YOU develop employees who LOVE what they do, ENJOY who they work with, and RESPECT who they work for. I'm an Employee Engagement Champion, certified in a variety of assessments. I'm also a trained diagnostician (former pharmacist), experienced trainer and speaker and passionate about changing the workplace and the world by increasing the human performance side of business. We would NEVER settle for 30% capacity of our equipment or production, why are we settling for it on the human side and letting it affect performance metrics such as safety, turnover, quality and profit?



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Employees who show up to work with an emotional and intellectual connection to your company not only make your company better, they carry that energy and committment into their personal lives and their community. That's the value of Employee Engagement - something companies strive for but too few attain. Happy and satisfied employees are not enough. Company picnics and monthly birthday celebrations are not enough. LET'S GET ENGAGED! Together let's change the world and make this your best year ever!