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Jeremy Slaughter

VP, Corporate Finance

The CORE Group, Inc.

Jeremy began his career working in accounting and finance spending time in loan departments as an analyst and accountant. From there he moved into consulting, public accounting and tax and became an accountant for entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized businesses. This is a great balance between his entrepreneurial pursuits, passions and talents with his finance, accounting and analytical skills.

He works doing accounting and finance activities that matter. Not just producing financial statements, but discovering key indicators and metrics that allow him to drive the business, advising in areas of uncertainty and proactively seeking the best strategies to execute vision. He is an integral part of the executive leadership team. 

He views sales as not only an external function, but a necessary internal function that takes place all the time: every time financials are delivered, forging strategic plans and even adopting new technology and processes. Jeremy believes great businesses make lives better. He is very passionate about business, and brings a professional, yet light and approachable demeanor to the workplace.