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Joanie Mann

Principal Consultant

Cooper Mann Consulting

As a profession we’ve been kicking the tires of ASP’s for well over a decade – and at the epicenter of all that activity you’ll find one person: Joanie Mann. While Joanie undoubtedly thinks of herself as the Sisyphus of technology in the tax and accounting world, I see her as the “Queen of ASP”. She’s helped thousands of practitioners take advantage of the “work from anywhere” movement; she’s helped countless vendors navigate the rough ASP waters; and she knows where the bodies of those who ignored her advice are buried! Gregory L LaFollette, CPA.CITP --->

Joanie Mann has over 35 years of experience in multi-user system design and implementations, voice and data networking, and advanced network integration. She also has extensive experience in business process automation and a strong background in business accounting principles. For the past 14 years, her specific focus has been on Internet technologies, the delivery of software as a service and the development of comprehensive online services and solutions for business – with a specific focus on finance and accounting. Her blogs,, and provide information and guidance on online accounting and application hosting services for small businesses and service providers.