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Terry Kees


Third Quadrant Energy, LLC


• Am operationally-oriented. Readily make the link between operations and strategy.
* Majority of professional experience has been in the international, multi-site manufacturing, distribution and service sectors with some recent time developing renewable energy (e.g., wind, solar and biomass) projects.
* Also spent 5+ years as an independent consultant specializing in "turnaround" engagements.
• Dedicated to providing the best-practice measure of Finance function excellence: delivering value efficiently.
• Am a professional businessman who practices finance and accounting, not a professional accountant practicing at business.
• Understand that the Senior Finance/Accounting Executive’s role has evolved well beyond traditional stewardship duties to now encompass an expectation of providing the necessary financial acumen fundamental to the business’s decision making by earning the respect of executive management to be a key collaborator in crafting strategy and creating value for all stakeholders, internal and external.
• Due to the convergence of several forces ranging from the dynamics of globalization to domestic economic pressures, today’s Senior Finance/Accounting Executive must pro-actively provide value across the entire enterprise knowing not only how to drive cost reductions but also, and perhaps more importantly, be a strategic force within the organization by consistently providing broader insights on a range of multidiscipline matters including:
o Margin improvement
o Efficient use of capital options
o Identifying evolving organic and inorganic business opportunities
o Develop relevant, key financial and operating metrics that provide incisive value and insights rather than producing copious quantities of mind-numbing, largely self-promoting Excel worksheets that largely serve only to induce that counter-productive malady of paralysis-by-analysis.
o In short, earn a seat at the Company’s strategy table by demonstrating value as a strategic business partner through collaboration with the organization’s operating leaders in identifying, quantifying and comparing opportunities and risks.
• Am comfortable with the change agent role and have the strength of personal convictions to make command decisions.
• Understand that an effective Senior Finance/Accounting executive must:
o Demonstrate leadership to his superiors, peers and staff and constantly be creative and forward-thinking,
o Know not only how to improve an Income Statement but also how to manage a Balance Sheet.
o Be an effective and persuasive communicator and manager,
o Take an almost holistic approach in recommending steps that optimally implement the company's vision, strategies and tactics through the introduction and implementation of leading-edge technologies and "best practice" policies and procedures.
o Be a consensus-builder.
o Manage people with constructive dialogue not destructive monologue.
o Hire associates who want his/her job, not lackeys.
o Firmly believe in and demonstratively practice mentoring and individual employee empowerment activities.



CFO : Third Quadrant Energy, LLC - [2011-05 to 2012-11]
• Accepting the former President of CG Power Solutions USA Inc’s offer to accompany him onto his next venture, was responsible for all aspects of this boutique developer of renewable energy projects administrative and financial affairs including project acquisition, modeling, structuring and financing , Accounting, Human Resources, tax, audit and bank relationships and insurance.
• Participated in acquiring a 20MW (AC) solar project as well as arranging sponsor/tax equity, construction, 1603 Grant bridge and permanent debt financing, associated Cost Seq. report and timely filing Section 1603 Grant application.

Americas Regional CFO : CG Power Systems USA Inc - [2009-01 to 2011-04]
• CG Power Solutions USA Inc (f/k/a MSE Power Systems, Inc.) is a $100MM developer and turnkey engineering design firm (EPC, BoP) of alternative energy (e.g., wind, solar, biomass, etc.) projects and electrical substations.
• CG Power Systems USA Inc (f/k/a Pauwels Transformers, Inc.) is a $400MM manufacturer of electrical transformers with business units in North, Central and South America.
• Revised hedge accounting practices at a Canadian business unit that stabilized this formerly volatile earnings ele-ment (e.g., as much as $1MM monthly gains/losses with neither “root cause” analysis nor reasonable predictabil-ity).
• Principle in performing, negotiating and consummating M&A activities.
• Recommended and led the effort to design and implement an Americas-wide cash management system that signifi-cantly improved operational cash-flow and resulted in estimated annual cost savings approximating $1MM.



B.B.A., Accounting : University of Portland - [1969 to 1973]