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RAB Accounting and Consulting Services
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Corporate Taxes Sales Tax Services Payroll Services Accounting and Auditing Bookkeeping/Write-up Business Valuations Mergers and Acquisitions
Scalar Partners Valuation Services Reviews
Scalar Partners Valuation Services
1 Rating
Scalar Partners is a leading provider of accurate and cost-effective business valuation services that comply with the strict standards of tax, accounting, and legal requirements. Specifically, Scalar specializes in valuations on behalf of private
Business Valuation Center Valuation Services Reviews
Business Valuation Center Valuation Services
BVC provides decision-makers with the confidence that they are accurately reporting the company’s financial position, while simultaneously providing them with the market intelligence needed to optimize the impact of complex and critical business
Butler Burgher Valuation Services
BBG is a nationally recognized valuation, advisory & assessment firm with a reputation for personal attention, deep industry expertise and a proactive approach to meet client dead lines. Services: Valuation & Advisory Assessment And Litigation
Broussard Poche Lewis & Breaux Valuation Services Reviews
Broussard Poche Lewis & Breaux Valuation Services
Few things are more important to business owners than the value of their business. The valuation you get for your business can make or break a proposition. Whether you're negotiating a merger, considering new shareholders, attempting to resolve
Bull Realty Valuation Services Reviews
Bull Realty Valuation Services
Obtain a thorough valuation by brokers who work in the specific property type, in the market, every day. The valuation will include sale comps, competing properties, analysis and a written opinion of value. We have experienced brokers each working
Burke & Schindler Valuation Services Reviews
Burke & Schindler Valuation Services
Burke & Schindler Strategic Partners (BSSP) understands that business owners’ top priority is to increase the value of their business. To effectively add value entrepreneurs must be able to competently respond to purchase offers, successfully make
Cabrillo Advisors Valuation Services Reviews
Cabrillo Advisors Valuation Services
Cabrillo Advisors is a full service business valuation firm providing valuation services for public and private clients performed by valuation experts in accordance with AICPA, GAAP, and USPAP standards. We are staffed with trained and credentialed
Bond & Pecaro Valuation Services
The staff at Bond & Pecaro has amassed extraordinary experience providing valuation services for a wide range of advertising and subscriber-oriented businesses. Clients have confidence in the integrity of the firm's analyses. Bond & Pecaro's clients
Boston Portfolio Advisors Valuation Services Reviews
Boston Portfolio Advisors Valuation Services
Due to the increased regulatory environment in recent years and elevated concerns from investors requiring higher levels of transparency from asset managers, independent valuations have become an essential part of asset management. Completion of
Baldwin & Clarke Corporate Finance Valuation Services Reviews
Baldwin & Clarke Corporate Finance Valuation Services
Business valuations represent informed judgments reflecting knowledge of the past, interpretation of the present, and guided expectations of the future. BCCF utilizes business valuations as a starting point and as a fundamental tool in evaluating
Bentley Associates Valuation Services Reviews
Bentley Associates Valuation Services
VALUATIONS: Although Bentley performs a valuation as part of every one of its M&A and financing assignments, Bentley also does valuation work on a stand-alone basis resulting in a more formal report. Most all of the business valuation assignments
Berkshire Capital Securities Valuation Services Reviews
Berkshire Capital Securities Valuation Services
Valuations & Fairness Opinions Berkshire Capital has maintained a separate valuation practice since 1991. We typically perform 10-15 valuations a year, having completed over 260 since inception. We have developed a proprietary valuation methodology
Binswanger Management Corporation Valuation Services Reviews
Binswanger Management Corporation Valuation Services
Experience has shown that market value can fluctuate considerably, and, therefore, appraisal is one of the most important tools in real estate decision-making. It takes an expert in constant touch with the market to determine fair market value.
BKD Valuation Services Reviews
BKD Valuation Services
There are various reasons you might need business valuation services. Whether your needs are compliance-driven for financial reporting, ESOP or tax purposes; advisory-related, such as shareholder agreements or business planning; or related to dispute
BND Commercial Valuation Services Reviews
BND Commercial Valuation Services
It offers various investment services; and consulting services, such as strategic advice, market research, multi-level acquisition assignments, investment analysis, valuation services, lease review, analysis and risk assessment, asset/portfolio
Appraisal Economics Valuation Services Reviews
Appraisal Economics Valuation Services
The value of a company’s business enterprise is critical and necessary information for management. For public companies, an accurate business valuation is necessary for compliance with numerous Accounting Standards Codifications (ASCs), including ASC
Arthur Consulting Group Valuation Services
Arthur Consulting Group’s FINANCIAL & ECONOMIC ANALYSIS practice provides valuations to assist clients with mergers & acquisitions; dispositions; financial reporting; tax planning and reorganization; strategic planning; bankruptcy; litigation; and
Authenticom Valuation Services Reviews
Authenticom Valuation Services
Authenticom provides a Vehicle Valuation Data Service for businesses with automotive equity calculators and other applications that require accurate valuation data. Our Vehicle Valuation Data Service is powered by authoritative industry sources:
Avalon Group Valuation Services Reviews
Avalon Group Valuation Services
For clients ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to closely held entities, Avalon has provided business and securities valuations, financial opinions and expert witness support. Our services have been sought by boards of directors, outside
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