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Guidance on Oracle ERP impact to General Ledger (GL) reporting when upgrading to Release 12

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Do you need guidance on Oracle ERP  impact to General Ledger (GL) reporting when upgrading to Release 12, as well as a brief synopsis of the top solutions available to address the gaps in meeting user requirements in the new environment?

With Release  12, Oracle has indicated that Client ADI is not supported and has been replaced with Web ADI and Report Manager. Web ADI will be a set of HTML- based tools  delivered by E-Business  Suite  (EBS), differing  from  Client  ADI’s requirement  for software  and database  client installation on each user’s machine. The primary advantage to this change is that there is no longer any requirement for a client install, as both web ADI and Report Manager are browser-based applications accessible via the GL Menu structure. A large amount of functionality has been removed, though, leaving users clamouring for alternative solutions.

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