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Forecast4000 Reviews
Forecast4000 uses existing asset information to run ‘what if’ scenarios for future capital expenditure and asset disposals.
Project4000 Reviews
Project4000 is a capital project control solution that gives users complete control of cash flows.
Document4000 Reviews
Document4000 is an inexpensive solution for managing all documents associated with assets, inventory items, leases and capital projects, such as purchase orders, invoices, and contracts.
Inventory4000 Reviews
Inventory4000 provides the facility to store detailed information against inventory and stock items, including location, analysis codes, and descriptions.
Track4000 Reviews
Track4000 enables assets and inventory items to be barcoded and tracked for quick and accurate physical audits at a minimal cost.
Maintenance4000 Reviews
A comprehensive, functionally-rich computerized maintenance management system that manages all planned, unplanned and preventative maintenance associated with fixed assets.
Help4000 Reviews
Help4000 is a centralized system for recording reports of problems with fixed assets inventory and stock items.
Worlflow4000 Reviews
Worlflow4000 is a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) tool that can be layered over any of the Real Asset Management Series4000 modules.
Intelligence4000 Reviews
Intelligence4000 is designed to sit across Real Asset Management’s (RAM) Series4000 suite of modules, as a best-in-class discovery software product that allows the easy retrieval, comparison, and analysis of data to gain valuable business insight
Replicon Shared Services Management  Reviews
Replicon Shared Services Management
The Replicon Shared Services Management helps organizations improve visibility into cost and usage of the shared service functions and get better at resource allocation to internal projects. Optimize economies of scale of the shared services
Replicon TimeOff Reviews
Replicon TimeOff
Replicon TimeOff helps organization automate time off tracking and enforcement, making it easy to keep your company staffed appropriately and compliant with internal policies. Streamline and simplify time off requests Easily manage time off balances
Replicon TimeAttend Reviews
Replicon TimeAttend
TimeAttend delivers the right mix of ease-of-use and advanced time tracking capabilities to help organizations Reduce their payroll errors rates through an improved time capture and approval process Minimize non-compliance to labor regulations
Replicon Project & Program Management Reviews
Replicon Project & Program Management
Replicon Project and Program Management solution is used by organizations to track resource time spent on projects and helps Improve time capture & track project time / costs with ease Deliver projects on time and on budget Optimize resource
Teradata Master Data Manager Reviews
Teradata Master Data Manager
Reliable master data is critical because it feeds both transactional systems that run business operations as well as reporting and analytics systems that provide information about the business. Without proper master data management, the very
Replicon Professional Services Management Reviews
Replicon Professional Services Management
The Replicon Professional Services Management solution lets organizations track consultant time spent on client projects and helps Improve time capture & approval for client billing Increase project visibility and execution Maximize resource
Teradata Database Reviews
Teradata Database
This high-performance decision-support engine offers a full suite of data access, modeling and management tools including services based on Teradata’s 30+ years of data warehouse experience. Already the foundation of some of the world’s most
Teradata Analytics for SAP Reviews
Teradata Analytics for SAP
Teradata Analytics for SAP® is an out-of-the-box solution, specifically designed for SAP Enterprise Central Component (ECC) data, which includes enterprise architecture, ETL processes, data models, and over 200 dashboards and reports. The solution
Teradata Value Analyzer Reviews
Teradata Value Analyzer
A key success factor of profitability measurement is the ability to automate the process of calculating revenues and costs on an ongoing basis. Many profitability analytics solutions rely on custom-built programs that are costly to build and
Teradata Decision Experts Reviews
Teradata Decision Experts
Teradata Decision Experts (TDE) provides a pre-built, end-to-end data sourcing, data integration, and financial analytic solution designed for businesses that use Oracle Financials and PeopleSoft Financial Management Enterprise Resource Planning
iDashboards Enterprise Suite Reviews
iDashboards Enterprise Suite
With iDashboards Enterprise Suite, powerful insights are just a few clicks away. This unique dashboard solution features captivating graphics, rapid dashboard development and allows users to make data driven decisions faster than ever before. Our
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