• How to combine companies with different ERPs

    Scenario: An acquiring company uses NetSuite for consolidation of its subsidiaries. The acquired company uses Workday financials for their consolidation and financials. In such a scenario, what would be the most effective way to do the consolidation of the combined new company? Has anyone ever u…

  • Which is best android tablet for pos in restaurant and retail market?

    Any recommendations on POS Software for Restaurant and Retail Market? Looking for easy front end, reliable back end,good price, Most important are performance, reliability, tech support.

  • Should payroll be HR or finance?

  • CRM / Workflow software Seeking Feedback

    Hello, *I apologize if this is against forums rules, I have nothing to sell just looking to gather feedback* I am with an early stage software startup that is interested in building a CRM/Workflow management software. We are interested in gathering some feedback from accountants about CRM/wor…

  • 3rd Party Netsuite Online Trainings

    I am trying to research/find different options for specific trainings on Netsuite. I have only really found companies that do 1-on-1 consultations rather than just a training library. I have looked within Netsuite itself, but wanted to see if there are other options available.

  • Best Accounting Software for Landlords/Property??

    Hi there, I am looking for accounting software for landlords as I don't feel the usual suspects like Xero / Sage work. I have seen this company and it seems really good! Has anyone had any experience with them?

  • Best Accounting Software for Landlords/Property??

    Hi there, I am looking for accounting software for landlords as I don't feel the usual suspects like Xero / Sage work. I have seen this company and it seems really good! Has anyone had any experience with them?

  • python pandas Can only compare identically-labeled Series objects

    I have three data frame. here is my code and i am getting value error. raise ValueError("Can only compare identically-labeled Series objects") ValueError: Can only compare identically-labeled Series objects. here is my code. df1 df2 df3 for i in df1: # for i from df1 x …

  • Data Analytics Certification

    Hello Everyone, I am looking to data analytics certification online as a beginner point. I have found 3 certifications which I mentioned below. Can anyone suggest me which one is good? 1. Cloudera Certified Associate CCA Data Analyst 2. Associate Certified Analytics Professional (aCAP) 3. Certif…

  • SaaS Comp Example and Question

    Hello, I have a question on the following scenario and would really value any input as to what you have experienced or might do. This company sells a SaaS product where the annual fee is billed up front, each anniversary date. The standard term that is sold is 3 years which is documented in …

  • What is the best payment platform for Integrated ACH and Credit Card Processing?

    It has been my experience that finding a single solution that offers both is hard to come by. The ones I have found are not enough for CPA's? Accountants. I'm curious what you all are using?

  • What is the best AP software for high volume AP

    We are in need of setting up hundreds of new vendors every day, cut check and mail them out on the same day. What accounting software would be the best to handle this situation? Thank you.

  • Document Management Software for Corporate Accountants

    Dear Friends Where can I find a software solution that would help me replace my month-end accounting binder? I need online document management system suited for an accounting month-end close that would allow me to upload trial balances, support documentation, lead sheets and have collaborative …

  • Emerging Audit Technologies

    I've been reading into some of the upcoming changes in the audit profession and it seems the field is headed towards a path that relies more heavily on data analytics. There is no mention of any specific programs that are being introduced to profession. Are there any recommendations as to where I …

  • Automating Depreciation/Amortization for QuickBooks users

    I am developing a tool for myself that will sync with QuickBooks to automate things like prepaids, fixed assets, and deferred revenue. The main reason for this is that we wanted to move away from maintaining financial schedules in Excel. My question is whether there is a market need for such a prod…

  • AP Workflow Solution

    We are implementing an AP Workflow solution in the near future. We will also be switching our ERP in 18 - 24 months. What are the best AP Workflow solutions for Dynamics and Sage? If you are using an AP solution with one of these ERPs, do you like it? Thank you.

  • Automatic transaction reconciliation from suppliers (e.g. Amazon)

    I'm writing on here as I've created a new SaaS product may be able to save accounts teams days of time every month. Essentially it can link your online suppliers (such as Amazon) to your accounting software (such as Xero) and automatically reconcile those paid transactions into the accounting so…

  • does these ai impact enterprises using cognos technology

    IBM reports updates Cognos analytics with automationIBM updates with Cognos analytics and its business intelligence with the best automation and self-service analytics toward smart analytics. my question is do these ai impact enterprises using Cognos technology.

  • Ideas on Accounting functions that can use AI to do faster and better?

    Like to understand if there are areas you have used RPA or AI or are in process of doing so. I know a few: - Invoice processing - AP 3-way matching - Vendor Onboarding - Financial closing & consolidation - Account, bank, & inter-company reconciliation Here is some resea…

  • What are your business health metrics?

    First post here... looking forward to getting some feedback from the community. We're working on identifying key business metrics that practices would want to keep an eye on regularly. Stuff that's so important you would want to check it from your phone in the morning, evenings or weekends (on your…

  • Cybersecurity Firms

    We are looking at cybersecurity monitoring and threat detection service providers. We will definitely look closely at Fireeye but was wondering which firms others are using and why you chose the provider you selected for these services. I would appreciate any insight regarding experience with Fir…

  • What activities should be taken To be effective as a new Maintenance Senior Manager?

    I promoted to be as Maintenance Senior Manager in Mobile Operators, what activities that should i did before contacting this new job. Mean, what should i request from old Maintenance Senior Manager as a handover. Also, as I knew there are a lot of problems in this new section, we need the manageme…

  • Where can I find an ERP Checklist Questionnaire?

    I need an ERP Checklist Questionnaire to guide me with gathering information for system specs and requirements. Where can I find free resources or do-it-yourself online resources. Also, which online resource site has the best tools and information to compare ERP systems side-by-side?

  • Need advice - Want to pursue Financial Data Science career

    Dear all, I currently am a professional public accountant working in a big 4 audit firm for the past 5 years. Considering the increasing involvement of AI in the Finance profession, I am looking to specialize in the area by becoming a Financial Data Scientist. Since I already have adequate ex…

  • Paylocity Users Pay Change Notifications to next level supervisor

    Does your company use Paylocity for annual salary input at a supervisor level? Escalating the change to the next level supervisor for approval? If so, does this work for you? We are having issues with this working. We currently have a supervisor and reviewer (next level supervisor) assigned f…