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QuickBooks Online Accountant Harmony Updates


QuickBooks Online Accountant Harmony Updates

September 16, 2013 | By Charlie Russell |

I’ve talked about the new QuickBooks Online “Harmony” update and how it changes for end-users of the product. Now let’s take a look at the QuickBooks Online Accountant Harmony features, if you are an accounting professionals using QBOA.

QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) has been around since 2011 (see this introductory article), and there are two levels to the product:

  • The “shell” that you use to see your list of supported QBO clients
  • Changes that you see in the QBO window when you log into a client’s account.

At this point there aren’t a lot of changes in the “shell” account, although I would expect them to come along soon. As for the QBO window, you’ll see a number of differences if you log in to a Harmony client. Don’t worry – you will see the version that your client is using when you log in via your QBOA account, Harmony or Classic.

QuickBooks Online Accountant Classic

First, as a reminder, let’s take a look at the “Classic” view that we see of a client file, via QBOA. Here is the Accountant Center.

A cluttered view, but with lots of information all in one place.

QuickBooks Online Accountant Harmony

Now let’s compare this with the Harmony version. Certainly not as cluttered!

The first time you access a Harmony client file you see the “welcome” dialog, and you can see a new “tab” added to the left navigation bar. You can’t “collapse” the Accountant tab when you are on this page, but you can collapse it when you are using any other page in the product.

Once you hide the “welcome” message, you see that there are three features in the Accountant Home. At this time you cannot rearrange how the features show. Personally, I would rather have the Reconciliation Status feature show at the top, as that is what I’ll be looking at the most often from this location.

So, where are all my “accountant-specific” features? With Harmony, there isn’t a single place to look for them, BUT you will find that they are logically grouped in a way that is similar to the standard QBO Harmony interface.

Here’s the maintenance menu from the upper right corner, where there is an “Accountant” section that is new:

All of the Accountant-specific activities are located here, other than reports. I don’t see any new additions for the accounting in the “Create” menu, none of these actions are truly “creating” a new transaction.

If you go to the Reports tab you will find a section for Accountant Reports in the All Reports section. Note that your client will also see this option.

Selecting that section, at this time there is only one report that will show ONLY to the accountant, the Adjusted Trial Balance.

The other option that you will see on the Left Navigation Bar is Book-to-Tax. This is a quick and easy way to map out the client’s tax information (tax mapping) and then easily submit the information to Intuit Tax Online. This is a continuing part of the overall “Harmony” concept from Intuit – making it easy to move your data from one Intuit product to another seamlessly and accurately.

This is just a quick look at an early release – I believe that now that the overall Harmony interface change is rolling out, Intuit will start adding new “features” to expand the options for accounting professionals.