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Why Blog on Proformative?

Like it or not, use them or not, blogs are now part of the fabric of information people access in order to learn and get work done.

Like it or not, use them or not, blogs are now part of the fabric of information people access in order to learn and get work done. Well, that's what Proformative is all about. So we have created the ability to blog. Any of our finance and accounting (and related) professionals can create a blog entry - including you.

Your blog entries will appear on your personal profile page when people look there and it will appear here, in a constant flow of blogs from our entire community. As with all elements of Proformative, you can choose whether and how you would like to receive blog posts by going to your Subscriptions manager in the left-side navigation.

What are blogs good for and how will they be used on Proformative?

Blogs are a form of communication that is typically driven by an individual who desires to inform, comment, describe, teach, entertain or chronicle things or events. They may be fact, opinion or reporting from a certain perspective. Blogs are fundamentally different than the discussion posts on Proformative in that they are more likely to be opinions or commentaries and are not specifically designed for threaded conversations or fact-finding. As a blog, it will be subject to scrutiny and praise/disagreement which is normal and healthy. This feedback will take the form of people posting 'comments' on your blog entry page at the bottom At Proformative we love it when the community teaches, describes, comments, etcetera.

We have created blogs on Proformative to provide another outlet for this expression. But we ask that all blogs remain true to the reason we are all here: because we are finance and accounting (and related) professionals trying to learn and get work done. A few ground rules:

  • -Keep it relevant: only topics that would be of interest to this community
  • -Keep it interesting: topical issues, core challenges and commentary on events that effect our profession
  • -Keep it original: the thoughts you convey in a blog should be your own
  • -Keep it clean and civil: we are professionals and shall conduct ourselves accordingly while in this community
  • -Absolutely no self-promotion, promotion of companies we work for or their partners, and no self-serving posts written solely so that we see our name "in lights" on the web
  • -All of the above also goes for any comments on blog posts. If you disagree, do so civilly. If you have something of value to add, please do so in the comment area.

So enjoy blogging and reading the blogs of others. We hope the community embraces this as yet another helpful tool in the Proformative community.

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Steven Burda
Title: Founder & President
(Founder & President, ) |

Yes, this is very true!!

We live in 2009... THIS is how it is... like it or not!

- Steven Burda

Topic Expert
Christie Jahn
Title: CFO
Company: Prime Investments & Development
(CFO, Prime Investments & Development) |

Thanks for the tip John. I hope one day to have more time to blog. I love sharing knowledge and learning everyday!