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Whoa! What have we done to Proformative???

In Q4 of 2009 Proformative launched to an audience of dozens of corporate finance and accounting leaders. Since then we have picked up a few hundred thousand followers. Along the way we have done quite a bit of experimenting with the site to clearly understand and deliver what our constituency wants and needs to be more productive. We added new features, functions, layouts and content. Although it was typically “more, more, more”, we have also stripped out many features that you didn’t like.


Today I would like to introduce you to the new, better Proformative. It is streamlined to offer you precisely the answers and insights you need and the information that allows you to get right back to work and be productive. The new site has a search-centric interface that makes it easier than ever to uncover all the wonderful knowledge on Proformative, and a simpler and more streamlined approach to asking questions, getting answers, and sharing knowledge.  To get an overview of the changes I encourage you to take a tour:


Yes, we’re still cost free, ad free and “noise” free. We’re also still the best place to get answers from trusted peers and subject matter experts who have the knowledge you need because they’ve: Lived it. Done it. Learned from it. We made this change to get better and to continue doing all we can do to make Proformative the preferred knowledge resource for our pre-eminent users.


We thank you for your use and support of Proformative and we hope you find the changes to your liking. And as always, suggestions for continued improvement are very welcome!



John Kogan

Co-founder & CEO, Proformative


Ben Lamorte
Title: President
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I think I love the new look and feel - it is a big change but I'm already starting to get used to it :) It just feels easier to get around - but I'm still not sure why... Maybe there are now less menu items to choose from?

The user reviews and blog posts are especially engaging. Very different from the "mainstream" business directory stuff that is WAY TOO EDITED... The content on Proformative is always fresh... and now so is the new website!

Great work!


Topic Expert
Sunil Thukral
Title: Controller/Technical Accounting Advisory..
Company: Consultant
(Controller/Technical Accounting Advisory/ SEC Reporting, Consultant) |

Hi John,

I just like the new design.

It provides a very clean look to the website and I like the feature that participants can participate in the discussions on an anonymous basis. This will be one of the key differentiating factors from LinkedIN.......that is just GREAT! More participation, i.e. more honest opinion on complex issue. :)

Congratulations to you and your team!

Keep up the good work!


Alexander Haislip
Title: Editor
Company: Journal of Impact Investing
(Editor, Journal of Impact Investing) |

Looks great! Very clean and modern. It makes finding relevant information and answers to questions easy and intuitive. It really promotes the power of Proformative! Well Done!

Patrick Slattery
Title: Managing Director
Company: Canopach
(Managing Director, Canopach) |

John --

Congratulations on the new site. It looks great. Also nice to see Drupal in the mix!

All the best,

Angela Nibbs
Title: founder
Company: maven communications
(founder, maven communications) |

That's what I'm talking about! Terrific!!!