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QuickBooks Toolkit for Resolving Its Problems

Any tool, application, or software that is running on Microsoft Windows can encounter problems and the QuickBooks is no exception. For working properly, different components of QuickBooks depend upon Windows Operating System, wherein it is installed. Therefore, if something does not work properly with this combination, then your QuickBooks will for sure not run.

Fixing these issues can be very frustrating, as there are various variations in the configuration of Windows. However, if you are successful in fixing these problems by resolving the issue with one Windows configuration, then next update or installation of a new program can result in bigger problem than this.

However, a better way to deal with such situations is use of some of the free utilities provided by QuickBooks. You can use these utilities when your QuickBooks company file denies opening, installing, or running. Mentioned below is the list and explanation of these free utilities of QuickBooks:

  • Reboot.bat: This is one of the oldest utilities of QuickBooks, but most of the people do not know about it. QuickBooks installs this simple batch file on your computer. The task that reboot.bat file does is – it simply re-registers different components of QuickBooks that interact with Microsoft Windows. However, we will not go to the technicality of this method, but explain how it works.

Whenever you install a program for the first time, the installation process ‘registers’ these components with Microsoft Windows, such that it knows where these components are and whether they are executable piece of programs. In this way, it stores the information in the ‘Registry’. The corruption or alteration of the ‘Registry’ entry for QuickBooks results in its inaccessibility. However, the components of QuickBooks are not deleted or damaged; it is just that Windows does not recognize or find them.

Reboot.bat is a simple set of commands that re-register all the necessary program components with Microsoft Windows and get back your QuickBooks into working state without causing any harm.

This bat file is found in the same folder where your QuickBooks is installed. Right click on the program icon of QuickBooks present on your desktop and select the ‘Properties’ option. After that, click ‘Open File Location (or Find Target in Windows XP). Find out the ‘Reboot.bat’ file at this location and double click on it for starting it. This process does not take too much time; but after its completion, you have to reboot your computer.

  • Install Diagnostic Tool for QuickBooks: At times, you are unable to install QuickBooks in your system. In such case, using the ‘QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool’ can be an easy solution. This tool diagnoses and repairs most of the problems that are preventing smooth installation of QuickBooks on your computer. Since this tool is updated often, make sure that you have installed its latest update before using it.

  • Component Repair Tool of QuickBooks: This utility of QuickBooks is helpful for repairing problems that prevent it from running. We know that QuickBooks rely on quite a few components of Microsoft for running, but there are various versions of these components that are used by different programs that you install on your Windows computer. However, if installing a program alters components needed by other program, then issues while running that program occur. This ‘Component Repair’ tool automatically diagnoses and fixes various Microsoft components, such as Microsoft .Net Framework, Microsoft Visual C++, and Microsoft MSXML.

  • File Doctor Tool of QuickBooks: While going through the blogs of Intuit for fixing various QuickBooks queries, you may find a solution as ‘File Doctor’. This tool is used for fixing some specific kind of data and file corruption, setup problems with network, and setup problems with Windows. Since the Intuit articles do not specify the exact problems that are resolved by this tool, it is difficult for us as well to explain the kind of problems that this tool solves. Some users find that this tool for repairing QuickBooks does not resolve the errors related to ‘list corruption’ or other errors related to database tables. However, it is found that ‘File Doctor’ helps you to diagnose and repair the problems that are preventing you from opening your QuickBooks file. Intuit updates this tool really often; so before using it, make sure you have its latest version.

Moreover, this product of QuickBooks does not work with files that are larger than 2GB and the network diagnostic or repair feature does not work properly, if you have installed multiple versions of QuickBooks in your system. It is to be noted that this product works only with US versions of QuickBooks. However, if you are using the Canadian version of QuickBooks, then you have to use the ‘QuickBooks Canadian Company File Diagnostic Tool’. If you are using the UK version of QuickBooks, then you have to use ‘QuickBooks UK Company File Diagnostic Tool’.

  • PDF Repair Tool for QuickBooks: QuickBooks users, many times, come across the problem of QuickBooks and PDF drives that they use. This problem prevents the QuickBooks users from creating the PDF copy of order forms and reports and email attached invoices, and reconciling the bank accounts. Many of these problems can easily be fixed by using the QuickBooks PDF repair tool. This tool has a long list of fixes that people have come across over the years, such as dealing with printer ports, print spoolers, QBPrint file issues, MSXML problems, and many more.

Mentioned above are some of the most prominent and free utilities of QuickBooks that allow its users to fix most of their errors. However, these utilities do not fix or resolve all the problems faced by a QuickBooks user; thus, they are not the complete solution to overcome your issues with QuickBooks. Another prominent and more reliable method for the same is use of a professional QuickBooks recovery tool.

  • Professional QuickBooks Recovery Software: If your problem with QuickBooks is not resolved by all these above-mentioned methods, then use of professional QuickBooks Recovery software is recommended. A reliable tool of this category repairs corrupt or damaged QuickBooks files and restores every bit of information stored in it without altering it. The simple intuitive user interface of professional software enables you to perform the repairing, and hence the recovery of your QuickBooks files without any loss. Generally, an efficient software provides the preview of recoverable contents before performing their actual recovery. The generation of log report of the complete recovery process lets users observe the recovery process later at any stage and understand about the complete recovery process. Apart from these features, a reliable tool of this category handles all the corruption issues of QuickBooks and hence, it is one of the complete and handy tools for recovering your QuickBooks company file without causing data loss.

Before opting for any solution, just observe your problem first, understand the cause behind it, and then opt for an appropriate solution to overcome it. Generally, you should have the complete toolkit of free utilities of QuickBooks, as you may encounter any problem associated with it. However, having professional tool is another solution that handles almost all the issues of QuickBooks alone.


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QuickBooks Recovery is strategically designed software to repair and recover damaged or corrupt QuickBooks QBW files and get you all the important accounting and financial information back. In addition, it recovers QBW databases from different editions like QuickBooks Premier, Pro, Simple Start and Enterprise editions. We recommend to our users to Try free version of QuickBooks Recovery software :

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Like any other recovery applications, this QBW File Recovery tool is designed to recover stored information relating to employee, customer, company and the products and services served by the company with the help of .QBW file extension. This do-it-yourself recovery software is totally user-friendly that performs extra-ordinary works for the users. With having user-friendly interface, this is easy to implement and convenient to use. You can get free evaluation version from us to watch the process of scan and recovery of lost QBW files. This is compatible with all Windows versions including Windows 2000, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7 , 8 and 10.

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QuickBooks Repair Tool is an efficient and reliable tool to repair damaged or corrupt QBW files and recover all the data in it. This software is capable to recover each and every bit of data that is relevant to Services, Customers, Employees and Vendors in QBW files.It is easy to use and fast recovery process.
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QuickBooks File Doctor is an Intuit tool created to diagnose and repair common issues with your QuickBooks data file and network and Windows configurations. It can repair corruption in your data and Windows and network setup QuickBooks File Doctor issues. The tool works with .qba and .qbw files (.qbw company files smaller than 2 GB.) If the data in your company file is corrupted or you encounter any other QuickBooks issue you are unable to successfully remedy on your own, click the Find a Trainer tab above for information on our local QuickBooks Support expert in your area who can help you resolve your issues. more info visit here:

(Agent, JKS Solutions, Inc.) |

If there is any problem occurs while using QuickBooks File Doctor, or if File Doctor fails to do repair damaged company file then there is Advanced option which is recommended by directly Intuit support team. Also you can take help from our QuickBooks Technical Support experts.

QuickBooks File Doctor Can Help You in

✓ To detect and repair all the QB errors download using QB Install Diagnostic Tool.
✓ We help you to Uninstall and reinstall your QuickBooks Software.
✓ After uninstalling your software, We run the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.

In case you have any query regarding QuickBooks File Doctor then seek assistance from the QuickBooks Support service providers.

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