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QuickBooks Tips & Tricks To Save Time, Frustration & Money

The smartest way to work is to get correct information without spending much time. Let us check out some shortcuts to get quick information form the QuickBooks. This amazing software provides you some really easy shortcuts, form where you can get multiple information at a single time. Some of them are:

Snapshot Option: It is one of the best features that QuickBooks ever has. You can take snapshot of any 12 possible reports and organize them as the way you want. You can include reminders, payables, receivables, account balances, check trends in income and expenses, and much more, in one snapshot. You can also select them all according to time frame from the drop down menu. It also allows to you print the snapshot so that you can also carry it with you.

Run Multiple Report at One Time: With this feature, you can execute more than one file at a single time. For that, you can go to Reports > Process Multiple Reports, and select the required reports and dates. Checking all reports individually is quite lengthy procedure. You can either display or print your reports in a single page.

Process a Group of Reports: This option is much faster than the last one, as in this process you can add all your important reports in a group, which you want to customize, and run them whenever you need by just a click. To execute it, you just need to click on Reports > Memorized Report list option, and all reports in that group starts running. Now you do not have to select all the reports manually. This group will also help you to organize the reports the way you want whether it is weekly, monthly, etc. It will also help you to identify the files that have similar names as many of us have several same name files in our system.

Fix Reports on Your Tool Bar: This is a very convenient way to check all the reports by customizing your toolbar according to your preferences. With this feature, you can put all the reports on your toolbar that you need to check regularly. To add a tool bar go to View>Add and a list of reports will be shown in front of you, add according to your requirements and, just click your toolbar whenever you need them .

Merge Multiple Reports: This feature is best for those who own more than two companies and need to combine their reports. Go to Reports > Combine Reports from Multiple Companies and now choose company reports, the files, date range, etc. You all reports will combine in an Excel sheet with in different columns. It will not only merge several reports but also create the spreadsheet, which will save your much time.

Update a Spreadsheet

Whenever you need a spreadsheet instead to creating a new one it is better to update the existing one. It will save your time and also provide you the past information in case you need it. You can update it in QuickBooks or in Excel, which is available in QuickBooks menu. This feature was introduced in QuickBooks 2012 so you will find out it in 2012 versions or in further versions.

If you are a regular user of QuickBooks, all the above shortcuts will surely help you to save time and keep track of many reports in a single time. Next time whenever you will use QuickBooks use these features to get quick information so that you can manage all your business reports at the earliest.