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Five Ways to Help a fellow Candidate during Job Search

During job search we all need a helping hand - here's 5 ways you can help a fellow candidate

Here are five ways to help a colleague in job search – you can pick as many as you like. Anything you provide will be appreciated as insight from fellow candidates is often the most valuable.

1.       Listen to their story - Do their documents match their story? Are they underselling themselves?
2.       Listen to their pitch - Is it clear and crisp? Do you know what role they want? What are the 2-3 skills that make them unique?   If you cannot answer those questions, then help them rework their pitch.
3.       State of networking - Are they effectively using all the tools available to locate opportunities or networking?
4.       2-3 Contacts - Start them off with 2-3 contacts to see how they perform. Call your contacts to see how it went. You can give them valuable feedback.
5.       Follow-up - Drop them an e-mail or call every 45 days or so. A friendly call can go a long way (for both of you)!
Many people may not feel comfortable in asking for help – so reach out and offer!
Good luck today!
Mark Richards


Rex Jackson
Title: EVP and Chief Financial Officer
Company: JDS Uniphase
(EVP and Chief Financial Officer, JDS Uniphase) |

Mark, great article. I think the biggest one is number two. If the candidate can clearly articulate their skills, experience and goals, and do so with enthusiasm, that is the best way to separate from the pack. I meet far too many interviewees, or even friends, who honestly don't have a vision of their desired next role. Identifying that, and then pursuing it aggressively, is how to find great opportunities.

Topic Expert
Mark Richards
Title: VP of Finance & Operations
Company: RBA Consulting
(VP of Finance & Operations, RBA Consulting) |

Rex -

You are spot on and raise an important issue for both sides of the networking table.

As a candidate, you need to help your contact to help you - which starts with what is the end goal - then your contacts can help you reach it.

As a networking contact, if a candidate does not clearly state at the start of the networking meeting what they seek (both in role and assistance), then help them define it. Otherwise, they will be just out having coffee, instead of networking. You will help them more than they can imagine.

Examples of Marketing Plans and Targeted Company Lists which are two of the most critical tools in job search. (Hint: Your resume is simply proof you can perform the job you seek)

The "Anatomy of a Networking meeting" provides a guide to running an effective meeting.