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Quickbooks Free Remote Access Via Dropbox

I thought I would share a tip to other community members.  If you are looking for a way to remotely run a desktop version of Quickbooks, I have been successful for close to a year now with this simple trick: (1) setup a account (free for up to 2 GB; I actually now have a paid account, as this is a super tool for file storage) and then (2) move the QB files off your hard drive or network to a designated folder on your dropbox account.

Along with being able to access QB from my laptop, wherever I am located at the time, I get comfort knowing my backups are being stored, securely to the cloud, in case there is ever an issue with the program, my computer, etc.

One note - If you have multiple people tapping into QB at the same time, this may not be your best solution.  You can run into additional copies of the data file being created, thus creating conflicts.

Again, this is a good solution for small business users with limited staff and/or IT support - no need to pay for a hosting service.  Give me a shout if you want more specific details and/or a screen print on how I've been using this tool.  Thanks. -Paul 

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