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How Do I properly adjust old Balance Sheet balances?

Angela Lyon
Title: Owner
Company: Better Bookkeeping, LLC
(Owner at Better Bookkeeping, LLC)
I just took on a client who has books that are a MESS. There are several accounts on the balance sheet that are obsolete- lines of credit that have been paid for over 2 years, payroll l...
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What tools can a professional services firm implement to manage estimates & billing in a subjective billing culture

Several small business companies much like mine do not host weekly or monthly quoting and billing practices training. In this fast-paced environment, the focus is on utility rather than...
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Corporate Card Program - Liability Structure and Accounting Issues

Chad Mohn
Title: Treasury Manager
Company: Public
(Treasury Manager at Public)
We are looking at changing the liability structure of our corporate T&E card program. As it stands right now, cardholders must process their expenses in Concur, their manager appro...
60 Views | 4 Answers/Comments

Purchase Order/Payment System

(Strategic program manager )
Hello, Can anyone recommend a good purchase order and bill payment system (that integrate)? We currently use Procurify for purchase orders and pay bills by manually cutting checks. ...
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What expenses can we capitalize

Title: Fixed Asset Accountant
Company: Retail
(Fixed Asset Accountant at Retail)
Our CPA firm has said we can capitalize utilities as part of the project expenses when we set up a new store (chain). Does anyone know what codification this might be? I thought ce...
22 Views | 2 Answers/Comments

Western CPE going bankrupt - what should I do with my CPE?

Janice Taylor
Title: CPA
Company: Self
(CPA at Self)
A friend just told me that Western CPE has filed chapter 11. I have used them for years. What should I do with my CPE certificates from them, and who should I look at next for CPE?
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Paying Commission Past 60 Days

John Miller
Title: Art Director
Company: TCT
(Art Director at TCT)
Does anyone know of or ever heard of a commission salesperson NOT getting paid on paid invoices past 60 days? The company got paid but doesn't want to pay the salespeople if it is pa...
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Mannawar H
Title: Manager
Company: Mosanada
(Manager at Mosanada)
Hi, I am new to the financial accounting, can anyone please tell me the difference in terms of credit and debit from a company or firm perspective and individual account perspective....
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Bitcoin Simplified - Laymen's Guide to Bitcoin

Riddhi Karbhari
Title: Fresher
Company: Fresher
LinkedIn Profile
(Fresher at Fresher)
Visit the blog to get a detailed post on what is Bitcoin from a laymen's perspective.
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are vendor's rebates subject to tax ?

I buy merchandise from a reseller company for full price but i sell it at discounted price because they offer me a rebate from the discounted merchandise. I'm i supposed to pay tax on t...
30 Views | 1 Answers/Comments

Options after a customer refuses to take delivery of an order

(Commercial Accountant)
I was wondering if anyone has experience with or knows your options when a customer rejects delivery of an order. In our situation, we are not operating on a specific contract with th...
39 Views | 1 Answers/Comments

Annual review tied to pay/bonus

Our annual review process wrapped up with discussion on how he person had met KPI's that helped lead to a monthly bonus program. Business results have not allowed for a bonus to be ...
18576 Views | 9 Answers/Comments

A few questions in regard to evaluation of a company (Amazon)

Adnan Rahman
Title: Paraplanner
Company: Hero360
(Paraplanner at Hero360)
1. The company does not pay dividends. What is an alternative to Dividend Yield and Forecast Dividend Yield to determine the 'yield' of the company? Is EPS a valid measure? 2. When c...
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ERP software that manages inventory by length

Len Green
Title: Performance Improvement Consultant and E..
Company: Haygarth Consulting LLC
LinkedIn Profile
(Performance Improvement Consultant and E.. at Haygarth Consulting LLC)
If you can recommend ERP software that specifically manages inventory using length units of measure (in addition to other units of measure), please let me know. This would be relevant t...
4907 Views | 5 Answers/Comments

IBM Cognos reports are requiring a USER NAME when connected to TM1

Hello All, We have IBM Cognos connected to TM1 using an integrated login, however, when running a report, it asks for the user name and password. If we enter the USER NAME ONLY, then...
30 Views | 1 Answers/Comments

What are the best tools to manage a remote employee?

Carrie Scott
Title: VP Finance
Company: Private
(VP Finance at Private)
16901 Views | 16 Answers/Comments

in Hyperion financial management which type of VB Script using in Rules

Elena kretova
Title: Developer
(Developer at
I am Hyperion financial management learner . Some of my friends suggested VB Script for Hyperion financial management tool , In VB Script we are using , , , but in...
41 Views | 1 Answers/Comments

Can a company capitalize labor cost related to the creation and the development of creative materials? (books, screen plays etc.)

nick stevens
Title: Senior Controller
Company: University of Oregon
(Senior Controller at University of Oregon)
As a company assigns labor time to these creations they are wanting to capitalize that labor cost. Is that appropriate? Direction to codification would be awesome!
67 Views | 2 Answers/Comments

Property Tax treatment for temp stores

(Fixed Asset Accountant)
My company has begun setting up what they call "pop-up" stores to liquidate inventory. These sites use TTP such as shelving, stands, benches etc. Some of these pop-ups will be collecti...
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Property Tax treatment for temp stores

(Fixed Asset Accountant)
My company has begun setting up what they call "pop-up" stores to liquidate inventory. These sites use TTP such as shelving, stands, benches etc. Some of these pop-ups will be collecti...
66 Views | 0 Answers/Comments

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