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How to Delete Old Bills in QuickBooks?

Pro Accounting Web
Title: Customer Support
Company: Pro Accounting Web
(Customer Support at Pro Accounting Web)
If you are looking for ways to delete old bills from your QuickBooks software, then you can do so by following some really simple steps. The steps that you would have to follow are as g...
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How to Set SMART Goals, Targets/Objectives for Accounting Department?

Andy Tan
Title: Supervisor
Company: AVS System Networks
(Supervisor at AVS System Networks)
In the company we are working now, it's required that Manager of each department has to set up annual targets/objectives for the department. It's quite easy for Sales or Product...
296862 Views | 19 Answers/Comments

Deposits at other institutions

(Financial Analyst)
Dumb question I’m sorry but I’m new to my job and trying to learn everything I can. Why might a bank put their money into a different financial institution? I’m assuming for a bet...
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Help With Journal Entries

Deeire Denia
Title: Accountant
Company: RETR INC
(Accountant at RETR INC)
My company pays 100% of our employees' legal shield and supplemental life insurance up front and we are refunded by the employees during the month. What would the appropriate journal en...
61 Views | 2 Answers/Comments

How can I best help a client that has 10 years of tax filings to catch up on?

Andrew K
Title: Director of Tax and Accounting
Company: Silver Leaf
(Director of Tax and Accounting at Silver Leaf)
I had someone approach my firm and ask to help them file past tax returns. This client has not filed since 2008, and it appears he may owe taxes between 2008-2012 (he withdrew early fro...
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CapEx and Depreciation

Henry Kusuma
Title: Functional Consulting
Company: Toba Technology
(Functional Consulting at Toba Technology)
Hello. First of all sorry for my bad english. Here I would like to ask some help from you guys regarding capitalization cost and how to depreciation it. Lets say, company A have an asse...
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How to fix incorrect IRA classification

We opened a Vanguard IRA in 2001 and it was supposed to be a Roth. We made contributions in 2001, 2002 and 2003 and all years were under the allowable $3000 limit. Now we want to take o...
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Business Payment terms

We purchased products off of a company for well over 30 years. Our business terms were 2% net 20 days. Now all of a sudden they want to switch the terms to Net 30 days. We were never co...
49 Views | 2 Answers/Comments

Hosting QB in Cloud

Diana Dickson
Title: Bookkeeping executive
Company: DD LLC
(Bookkeeping executive at DD LLC)
Hi All, I've posted some questions on here before and had some great help. I'm a IT tech who has been tasked with getting an accounting firms QB data into the cloud. They do not want...
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Preferred Stock Authorized

Greg Ryan
Title: Engineer
Company: Boeing
LinkedIn Profile
(Engineer at Boeing)
What would be the incentive for a company to authorize "Preferred Stock" when the company already has common stock? Is Preferred Stock seen by management as another access to capital, s...
33 Views | 1 Answers/Comments

Tracking various colors of money

Theodore Pepin
Title: OTD
Company: USG
(OTD at USG)
Okay, I am going to try to describe my problem as best I can. So I have money coming in from different organizations, and each check that they cut carries a 'code' of sorts that rest...
451 Views | 2 Answers/Comments

Equivalent English language accounting term

Mary Breen
Title: Corporate and financial translator
Company: Freelancer
(Corporate and financial translator at Freelancer)
I would be grateful if someone could provide me with the English term for this accounting concept I have to translate from French: The firm is a transport operator who receives their re...
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Do foreign owned companies owe U.S. federal income tax on income from holdings of U.S. Treasury bonds?

(Chief Risk Officer)
Do foreign (non-US) owned companies owe U.S. federal income tax on income from holdings of U.S. Treasury bonds? For context, the foreign company has no U.S. citizen or resident owner...
25 Views | 2 Answers/Comments

Balance Sheet for a company financed 100% by debt

(MBA Student)
If a firm is 100% financed by debt, where would the net income (retained earnings) from the firm's income statement be shown on the balance sheet? In other words, how are retained earn...
81 Views | 2 Answers/Comments

Automatic transaction reconciliation from suppliers (e.g. Amazon)

Richard O
Title: Director
Company: Acme Inc
(Director at Acme Inc)
I'm writing on here as I've created a new SaaS product may be able to save accounts teams days of time every month. Essentially it can link your online suppliers (such as Amazon) to ...
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PeopleSoft FSCM Consultant for 20 years, now helping extremely small businesses become Cloud ERP Customers

(VP of Sales and Delivery)
I'm looking for your recommendation based on the clients I'm currently assisting in designing an optimal solution for fast or slow growth thats affordable and can handle their basic req...
31 Views | 0 Answers/Comments

Capital Gains from Small Business Stock Sale

Charlie Emit
Title: Student
Company: College
(Student at College)
Say I invested in a small business in January 2010 (qualifies for 1012 treatment, 75% exclusion) and decided to sell the stock today. I also sold some small business stock at a loss thi...
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Can this obligation be integrated under IFRS15?

Somtimes, a contract for plant facilities includes an operation service. So it can be divided two obligations, construction and operation. And usually, plant facilities is highly comple...
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What do you like most about your job?

Susan Scott
Title: HR Manager
Company: Private
(HR Manager at Private)
Since this is not a job interview, although this question does get asked in interviews, please try to answer without regard to how it may reflect upon you. I know, that is not easy!...
581172 Views | 24 Answers/Comments

Old outstanding credits on Accounts Receivable

Our company has about $24,000 worth of old credits that are sitting in the over 120 day column on our accounts receivable. We would like to clean up these old credits, but not sure whe...
51 Views | 1 Answers/Comments

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