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Checklist for company tax return procedure

Ray Chow
Title: Trainee accountant
Company: Odyssey
(Trainee accountant at Odyssey)
Hi everyone, i just recently got my first accounting job, as a trainee for an outsourcing company that specialises in preparing company tax return for clients in Australia. I have got t...
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Do you use any method when you compare business tools?

Elena Benito Ruiz
Title: CMO @ BeeBole
Company: BeeBole
LinkedIn Profile
(CMO @ BeeBole at BeeBole)
Hi, I'm conducting a qualitative research on how managers choose tools. In this case, it's employee time-tracking tools. My question for anyone out there is whether you use some sort of...
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Why does the cashflow statement show depreciation and amortization as cashflow positive number?

Greg Ryan
Title: Engineer
Company: Boeing
LinkedIn Profile
(Engineer at Boeing)
I have a rudimentary understanding of "accounting" principals, that being I don't understand how something like depreciation would or could show up as a positive number on the cashflow ...
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Is Lighting on a Leasehold Improvement considered Section 179 depreciation expense or standard

Adam Brown
Title: Student
Company: The University of South Dakota
(Student at The University of South Dakota)
A client has spent a considerable amount on electrician expenses during there improvement project and the lighting is not permenently fastened to the building. would it qualify as a 179...
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Sales Contract + A/P Information

(Director of Finance and Operations)
Proformative, I wanted to understand whether or not it's standard to ask for A/P information in the exhibit of a Sales contract. Ideally, we'd like to submit a sales contract to our...
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Is anyone using Odoo for accounting? Need some insights.

(CFO Consultant)

I have a client using Odoo for all applications except accounting and they want to implement Odoo for accounting. Thoughts?

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I took the wrong job within my firm and want to take a different role in the organization

(Strategy consultant)
Earlier this year I started looking for new opportunities within the organization and found a team I really liked working with. The job transfer took quite long -6 months- at the end of...
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Slotting and listing fees Under IFRS

Sadam Ubeidat
Title: Senior Accountant
Company: Mezzan Jordan Industries
(Senior Accountant at Mezzan Jordan Industries)
Anyone know what is the correct treatment for Slotting, Shelf Rent, and listing fees under IFRS Is it should be sales & marketing expense, of reduction from Revenue
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Are Functional Email Accounts Risky?

Harvard Sung
Title: CFO
Company: The Tech Museum of Innovation
(CFO at The Tech Museum of Innovation)
What are your insights about companies using Functional Email accounts for certain groups? For example, would be used by the Accounts Payable group for vendors can email...
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Quick Question - Indirect Labor

Would you consider Supply Chain/Purchasing Wages to be indirect labor? I feel like the accounting principles are a bit grey in terms of what you can and cannot include within the cos...
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How do I adjust my market valuation account when I have already booked previous transactions that are part of the adjustment?

(Staff Auditor)
By investment bank account received a management fee refund from one of my investments in July which I booked as a debit to the investment bank account and a credit to management fees. ...
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Outsourced Payroll and HR for independent K-8 School

Susan Wayland
Title: Chief Financial Officer and Director of ..
Company: San Francisco Day School
(Chief Financial Officer and Director of .. at San Francisco Day School)
I am looking for some ideas on how to streamline the payroll and HR function in our school. We have about 40 full time staff and about 60 faculty that work 10 months per year. Does anyo...
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Health Care Act w-2 reporting

Vernon Reizman
Title: CFO
Company: RCM Industries, Inc.
(CFO at RCM Industries, Inc.)
How are people handling the new 2012 requirement to add the employer provided cost of health care onto w-2 forms? We are trying to have ADP add it each payroll so that it does not ne...
2379 Views | 7 Answers/Comments

PEO (Outsourced HR/Payroll/Benefits) providers

(Board Advisor and Investor)
Now that I've moved over to start up companies, I encounter PEO's (e.g. Trinet, Insperity, ADP) more often. I've used several of them at start ups that I advise. I'm int...
9628 Views | 4 Answers/Comments

Does anyone have a broad template for C-Level employee contracts

Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
LinkedIn Profile
(President & CFO at
I'm interested more in the asking points than the legalese. For example, a bonus structure based on what KPI's (and breakdown if multiple) or Stock Grants/Options, etc. Lastly, a ...
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Gain carried over from one TRAC lease to another

(Vice President)
We have a fleet vehicle leasing agreement with a TRAC (terminal rental adjustment clause), whereby at the end of the lease, the leased vehicle is sold. An expected residual value is sti...
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Unbilled Receivables & Quickbooks

(Director of Finance and Operations)
Proformative, A customer of ours has accrued Unbilled Receivables for work performed. I've been properly recognizing the Unbilled Receivables by: Debiting Unbilled Receivables Cre...
89 Views | 2 Answers/Comments

How much technical knowledge does a CFO need?

Carter O'Brien
Title: Controller
Company: Private
(Controller at Private)

Just the basics of the company's systems, or should they know it thoroughly in-and-out?

4716 Views | 7 Answers/Comments

409A cost in 2017?

I have read $5k for a 409A valuation report with upwards of $30k...sub $20 million dollar SaaS company what can I expect to pay for a 409A valuation? Thanks
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Headcount - Are employees who terminate at the end of the month included as reportable headcount at month end

Bob Stenz
Title: Controller
Company: Silicon Valley start-up
(Controller at Silicon Valley start-up)
If an employee terminates at the end of the month, do you include the employee in the headcount for the month or as a termination for the month? Thanks!
4986 Views | 2 Answers/Comments

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