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5 Best Things You Can Do In Your Career

I really enjoyed Cindy Kraft's post and subsequent lively discussion in these pages last week about "The 5 Worst Things You Can Do In Your Career."

I'm coming up on a transition and have already achieved at least two items on Cindy's "Worst Things" list.

Cindy's item #2 looks less than encouraging, although I guess probably true.

I'd really like to know what makes your "Best" list. It can be in general, but if it matters I'm in accounting. Also, it doesn't have to be five... I'd like whatever number of good suggestions I can get!



Sarah Jackson
Title: Associate Editor
Company: Proformative
(Associate Editor, Proformative) |

Okay, Anonymous, I'm sure you'll get some great suggestions. For everyone else who didn't see it the first time, here is Cindy's original post/discussion.

Of course, you never know what you'll be asked in a job interview. One way to gain familiarity with new technology and best practices is to visit Proformative's Library Of Free White Papers.

Another is to take in one of Proformative's Free Webinars. Often available with free CPE credits and always informative.

Best of luck!

... Sarah

Chris Shumate
Title: Accounting Manager
Company: Dominion Development Group, LLC
LinkedIn Profile
(Accounting Manager, Dominion Development Group, LLC) |

Anonymous - Because I have read a few of Cindy's blog, as well as other professional's blogs, I would say the number one thing to do is to network, and make yourself known. It is amazing to me the number of people on Proformative that are posting excellent answers and questions as "Anonymous". In my opinion this isn't helping with networking opportunities. If you post something intelligent, you should want people to know. Let them know you are an intelligent contributor. Don't post anonymously.

Along with networking, simply follow people that are experts. For instance, I follow Wayne Spivak, Regis Quirin, Cindy Kraft, Samual Dergel, and many others. I follow them in hopes that I can receive the wisdom they have. In turn I hope to pass on that same wisdom to some that follows me. For instance, on Twitter I follow people blog about construction, accounting, and professional development. Be a student of the experts.

Other than being a student to experts, give something back to people that aren't as far along as you are in your career. Your title states you're a manager. Who are you training and mentoring, giving wisdom to? Remember it is more "blessed to give than to receive".

Never stop networking, learning, and teaching is my main thought. Following this link, which is a question I asked when I first came to Proformative. This question has generated over 8000 views and numerous answers. Many of the experts on this site recommend continuing education. You will find that out from many of the responses to my question.

Topic Expert
Cindy Kraft
Title: CFO Coach
Company: Executive Essentials
(CFO Coach, Executive Essentials) |

Thanks for those kind words, Chris!

Topic Expert
Cindy Kraft
Title: CFO Coach
Company: Executive Essentials
(CFO Coach, Executive Essentials) |

Thanks for your kind words, Anonymous. One of my followers suggested I do a "best" list and I'm actually working on that blog post. We'll have to compare notes!

(VP, Thought Leadership) |

Let me add my two cents here regarding a Top 5 best things you can do in your career:
1. Take the time to develop, manage and own a professional network that aligns with your career goals.
2 Develop and own your professional value proposition. This includes your elevator pitch and how you convey your professional value online, in-person and on your resume.
3. Develop and own a best in class online brand. In today's world this is critical in getting your brand the visibility it needs to help drive your career success.
4. Never lose your passion for learning, You need to own your professional development. Active professional development should never stop.
5. Be a team player in terms of doing your job and networking, In terms of networking, pay it forward. In terms of your job, being a good team player is just as important as being a great leader in terms of reaching your career goals.

Ernie Humphrey CTP
Title: VP, Thought Leadership
Company: Stampli
LinkedIn Profile
(VP, Thought Leadership, Stampli) |

This is my comment, not sure how it went "anonymous".

Mark Matheny
Title: VP - FInancial Planning and Analysis
Company: Novolex (formerly Hilex Poly)
(VP - FInancial Planning and Analysis, Novolex (formerly Hilex Poly)) |

Do it and report routinely.

Stephen Glenn
Title: Controller
Company: Pierre Frey, Inc.
(Controller, Pierre Frey, Inc.) |

Communicate to others. Any survey of any organization will always list lack of communication as a problem. It is a mistake to think something doesn't effect others in the organization, especially if in a different department. Flip it around and think not about receiving information, but giving information to those who need to know.

I have always been the type that if asked to do something, I do it. I learned early in my career that is not enough, the boss want's the feedback that the project or task has been completed.


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