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ADAPTIVE, ANAPLAN or TM1 on saas???

Hello everyone, we are going to change our CPM, we are hesitating between adaptive, anaplan or TM1 on saas, can anyone give me a feedback on each experience, that can help us to make a decision. Thanks


Beth Walkley
Title: Director Budget and Fiscal Planning
Company: Ramapo College of New Jersey
(Director Budget and Fiscal Planning, Ramapo College of New Jersey) |

We are in the midst of implementing Adaptive. When we were looking at different option s we looked at Hyperion, TM1, Host as well as a few others. Adaptive seemed to be the most user friendly, flexible, and required much less IT support than either TM1 or Hyperion. It's important to understand who will be using the software as well as how technical they are. TM1 looked like a great product, but felt it would require on-going support for IT as well as a 3rd party consultant. We also did not feel our users would easily be able to use the product.

Topic Expert
Alan Hart
Title: Consultant
Company: Pacific Shine Group
(Consultant, Pacific Shine Group) |

My experience with the solutions you mention as seen at some of my client companies or through personal evaluation of the software is that they are all IT and consulting dependent with significant time and expense to implement and maintain. Unless your organization has a substantial budget and resources available (which is more common in very large organization) it will most likely present a risk of budget overruns, delays and not being able to accomplish all of your goals. Depending on how ambitious you are in obtaining meaningful data from the system and how your company's decision making process is implemented, you may find that some of the critical data, such as an accurate forecasted balance sheet, financial ratios, or a forecasted statement of cash flows may not be readily available using these systems.

For a much more practical approach, requiring minimal IT resources and consulting and no dependence on programming and formula work I would recommend an enterprise application from Centage Corporation ( titled Budget Maestro with Analytics Maestro. I've worked with this application for over 10 years now with very good results including being able to put it to practical use within a very short time on a modest budget and minimal resources.

Topic Expert
David Hughes
Title: Executive VP of Operations
Company: On Target Performance Group
(Executive VP of Operations, On Target Performance Group) |

You don't provide any information on your company (size, industry, etc) but that aside, I have also seen Budget Maestro and Host Analytics (both mentioned above) and was impressed with both. Make sure you spend the time up front to truly define your requirements. This will prevent overruns, massive headaches and disruptions to your business.

Len Green
Title: Performance Improvement Consultant and E..
Company: Haygarth Consulting LLC
LinkedIn Profile
(Performance Improvement Consultant and ERP Strategist, Haygarth Consulting LLC) |


As someone who has helped many companies choose software, I'd like to add a comment around how you can use references from others as informative but not predictive/decisive factors, here's why:
You should make your choice based which packages best fits YOUR needs; you do not know the needs of others that have chosen anyone of the 3 packages you mention, so you must view their feedback carefully and try to correlate their experiences/needs with yours.

I'd suggest you look first at FUNCTIONALITY & EASE OF USE. Which vendor leads this category and in what areas-especially regarding your critical needs, not "bells & whistles."
Next is TECHNOLOGY- is the application soundly architected, secure, configurable, scalable, integratable, etc.
Next is long term COST - look at a 3-5 year model covering software subscription , implementation, training, data migration, etc, less any firm savings in expenses and potential benefits to be gained.
Next is the VENDOR - who they are, market share, financial stability, market reputation and references from existing customers, etc. (find your own references too, including from colleagues here on Proformative).

Your final decision should summarize your/your team's findings and assessment of all these factors-that should help you make the best decision at this stage.


Anonymous User
Title: CFO
Company: Local Government Agency
(CFO, Local Government Agency) |

Excellent points Len.

As someone who has been involved in changing software on both small and large scales, I would add a caution about being impressed with demonstrations of extensive capabilities in data analysis. "drill down".

One needs to remember that, in order to have this level on analysis, one must have entered all that data in the first place. And, that can be costly.

In my experience many of these types of data analysis functions of accounting software are never implemented or abandoned soon after they are, because of the cost of having all the detail entered in the first place. Something that was overlooked in the planning and acquisition stage when the vendors were demonstrating all sorts of wonderful drill down capabilities that their software could do.

Bells and whistles are of little value if there is no one to ring of blow them.

(Project engineering) |

Thank you all for your answers, I'd like to precise that we are a multinational company, and we are looking at solutions on saas, we don't have complex models, but we are building a datawarehouse which will gather all the datas from accounting softwares, back offices...

Besides, we aim at developping the budgeting model on november 15th, that is why we are looking at a flexible, and scalable option.

Thank you for your help


Chris Sherman
Title: Business Development Associate
Company: Revelwood
(Business Development Associate, Revelwood) |

I am not sure if you have picked a solution yet, but at Revelwood we have helped a number of clients implement TM1 in the Cloud. If I can be a resource for you, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. Good luck with your decision.

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