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Another Memorial Day has come and past...

Does your business either offer current or former members of the US Armed Services something? This could be a discount at retail. This could be a focused recruitment campaign when hiring. This could be community involvement.


Ern Miller
Title: Co-CEO
Company: Miller Small Business Solutions
(Co-CEO, Miller Small Business Solutions) |

I keep the business separate from giving. We charge a flat rate for work. The exception is that we charge almost half for non-profits that we would otherwise donate to. For example, working for churches, half price. American Legion, half price. Wounded Warrior, half price. Half price covers the cost of our labor, but does not make a profit.

By the way, we list it as a regular source of income, even though there might be justification of listing it as a donation. We would rather not add to the paperwork because we have determined that the additional labor to file and record any tax savings was not worth it...besides, we feel better about doing it because we want without anyone saying we did it for the tax write-off.

Now, there are some non-profits I do not give a discount to. Political campaigns...full price, if we do the work at all, plus we demand the money up front for the estimate, and have a shutdown key if they do not finish paying if the job goes past the estimate.

Other non-profits, we refuse to work with. way. Planned Parenthood...we'd do it for free, and get a contract that holds us completely innocent of the results. Then, we'd create an app that would work for 9 months, then completely delete itself, replace it with an mpeg of a crying baby that starts when they start the app. (Not really, but that would be hilarious. We would never cross the portals of that hellish place.)

Sorry for going political.

As for veterans. I do not have a special program to hire them, but if I have a choice between two equally qualified people, the vet gets the job. We won't apply for government programs for extra cash, but that is because we don't want to jump through government red tape for a few extra dollars. (This attitude was solidified when certain politicians started saying, "You didn't build that." We want to make sure that our company is built by us as much as possible, and to keep government fingers out as much as possible.)


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