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Best periodical for the CFO?

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If you had to pick one (and only one) periodical that you subscribed to as a source of business information, news, and discussion, what would it be and why?


Topic Expert
Regis Quirin
Title: Director of Finance
Company: Gibney Anthony & Flaherty LLP
LinkedIn Profile
(Director of Finance, Gibney Anthony & Flaherty LLP) |

I read the Wall Street Journal daily. I think it is a great source of information.

John Argo
Title: Consultant
Company: Independent Advisory Services
(Consultant, Independent Advisory Services) |

The Economist is well-written and covers a lot.

Kevin Collett
Title: Finance Director
Company: Digital Window
LinkedIn Profile
(Finance Director, Digital Window) |

I read Fortune. I like the writing style and in-depth articles.

Kamal Giroti
Title: CEO
Company: Exell Staffing LLC
(CEO, Exell Staffing LLC) |

Publications that provide information about industry you are in helps tremendously for trends.

Robert Ewalt
Title: Exam Development Manager
Company: Institute of Certified Management Accoun..
(Exam Development Manager, Institute of Certified Management Accountants) |

I like the Economist, great for world news as well as business.

Patrick Slattery
Title: Managing Director
Company: Canopach
(Managing Director, Canopach) |

Twitter. If that seems an odd answer, have a look at what can be done with some of the tools available and a well thought out group of sources to follow. Nearly all of the other responses listed here have Twitter feeds and Twitter information is much more timely than a scheduled periodical. Twitter also gives you the opportunity to follow individual thought leaders in a practice area regardless of whether they have a regular column in a periodical.

Twitter is faster, easier to focus, more comprehensive and more mobile and efficient than any single periodical.

Jack Judd
Title: Retired
Company: Retired
(Retired, Retired) |

Hands down - Wall Street Journal

Timothy Woods
Title: In-House Finance Content Writer
Company: Kantox
(In-House Finance Content Writer, Kantox) |, Economist and WSJ, particularly the WSJ "5 things" blog. Proformative for insights from industry peers and leaders

Douglas Klein
Title: Board of Directors
Company: Grayhawk Business Partners
(Board of Directors, Grayhawk Business Partners) |

WSJ - it's the most comprehensive daily source of business news and information available. The Economist is excellent but because it's a weekly news magazine, it can't cover near the same amount of news as the WSJ. If you expand your question to two sources, I would consider either the Economist or Financial Times to supplement your WSJ subscription. Both add excellent international coverage.

John P. Hart
Title: Vice Pres - CFO
Company: Nova Pressroom Products, LLC
(Vice Pres - CFO, Nova Pressroom Products, LLC) |

WSJ - Too expensive, but worth it.
Their subscription department is terrible.

Fortune for the in-depth articles, background stories, etc. I still read Business Week, but long for the past before Bloomberg bought it. (hate their "new" graphics!)

Paul Altoz
Title: Principal
Company: Widelity Inc
(Principal, Widelity Inc) |

I agree that that WSJ's subscription department is horrible, probably the worst. If you let your subscription lapse for a month or so you can get a good deal.

Stephen Turk
Title: Principal
Company: Stephen Turk, CPA
(Principal, Stephen Turk, CPA) |

Financial Times. It's expensive but, despite all of the free information we can get these days, I am happy to pay for high quality journalism and a broad view of international business, economics and politics.

Carrie Hidding
Title: Founder
Company: teamcfo
(Founder, teamcfo) |

I will add Inc. to the list. This is one of my favorite must read as it covers broad business issues from start ups to large growth companies with lots of CEO perspectives.

Mark Matheny
Title: VP - FInancial Planning and Analysis
Company: Novolex (formerly Hilex Poly)
(VP - FInancial Planning and Analysis, Novolex (formerly Hilex Poly)) |

WSJ. I had a mentor when I first started my professional career who told me to pick a random article from each section each day to digest and think about how it impacts the company and/or me personally. I have been doing it ever since. Thirty-five years.

Dennis Milosky
Title: Senior Controller
Company: Makena Capital Management
LinkedIn Profile
(Senior Controller, Makena Capital Management) |

As obvious as it may sound; I really appreciate CFO Magazine. I find the feature articles relevant to current trends and tend to be practical in nature. They cover the basics of accounting and tax, technology, risk management and banking and capital markets.

For me, it spans all of the functional areas and is very readable.

In addition, they have some reasonably good CE available through their webcasts.

John P. Martin
Title: Analyst - Finance
Company: Own
(Analyst - Finance, Own) |

I review several of the periodicals that have been mentioned. Another site that I review is

Cherie Gladwish
Title: Director Finance Shared Services
Company: Dow Corning
(Director Finance Shared Services, Dow Corning) |

The Economist covers a lot

Topic Expert
Doug Thompson
Title: Director of Revenue
Company: Castlight Health
(Director of Revenue, Castlight Health) |

BusinessWeek. Most relevant articles, best analyses, best writing.

Ron Lathouwers
Title: CFO
Company: WEM Corp
(CFO, WEM Corp) |

Reading any one of the above is better that not reading. If your boss, CEO, CFO etc. reads a particular financial publication, that is the one I would read as well. Next an industry magazine and then one to keep up your core competency as CFO, Journal of Accountancy etc.

Chris Shumate
Title: Accounting Manager
Company: Dominion Development Group, LLC
LinkedIn Profile
(Accounting Manager, Dominion Development Group, LLC) |

Ron - Out of curiosity, why should someone read what their boss reads? I am not in disagreement with you, but I am not sure I totally agree.

My opinion, for what its worth, is that if your boss is the CFO and is reading WSJ, I need to be reading something else. It isn't that the WSJ is irrelevant to someone, but the company may benefit from them reading something else.

Bosses and employees could meet and collaborate over what they are reading. If an article is that important to the company or individual it could be shared with others at that point.

As an example: in my particular company, my boss reads CFMA's Building Profits. I read Construction Executive. Both have great articles that he and I share with one another when needed.

Stuart Jones
Title: Financial Reporting and Planning Manager
Company: James Hardie Building Products
(Financial Reporting and Planning Manager, James Hardie Building Products) |

There are a lot of good publications out there, and some useless ones as well. I find that some of the better ones are Fortune, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and of course The Wall Street Journal.

Stuart Jones
Title: Financial Reporting and Planning Manager
Company: James Hardie Building Products
(Financial Reporting and Planning Manager, James Hardie Building Products) |
Stuart Jones
Title: Financial Reporting and Planning Manager
Company: James Hardie Building Products
(Financial Reporting and Planning Manager, James Hardie Building Products) |

Fortune, Entrepreneur, Fast Company and The Wall Street Journal

Theresa Wilt
Title: Consultant - DCAA/ FAR/ CAS Guidance + A..
Company: T W Consulting, Inc.
LinkedIn Profile
(Consultant - DCAA/ FAR/ CAS Guidance + Accounting system setup , T W Consulting, Inc.) |


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