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Can I ask my boss for a copy of the W2 form that I filled out before starting employment?

I fill like too much taxes are being taken out of my check and my boss is giving me the run around about getting a copy of my W2 that I filled out at the end of my first day but after a busy and tired day. I think I may have left two or three line blank that's is either still blank at this time or was filled in by my boss, but how do I go over his head to get a copy when he's the owner?


Chris Shumate
Title: Accounting Manager
Company: Dominion Development Group, LLC
LinkedIn Profile
(Accounting Manager, Dominion Development Group, LLC) |

I think what you are wanting is a W-4. Is there an HR department? Is the payroll function outsourced to a third party? If there is an HR department, or if the payroll function is being done by another company, it would be advantageous to request it from them. You may need to fill out a new W-4, then turn it into whomever does the payroll function.

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Mike Caruana
Title: Director of Financial Services
Company: Diamond Resorts International
(Director of Financial Services, Diamond Resorts International) |

Your pay stub can act like a preliminary W-2; however, as Chris stated, you'll need to fill out a new W-4 to change your exemptions and increase/lower the amount of taxes being withheld.

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Malak Kazan
Title: VP, Special Projects
Company: ERI Economic Research Institute
(VP, Special Projects, ERI Economic Research Institute) |

I would add be clear in explaining the problem you are trying to solve, "why so much taxes are being deducted". You should reconfirm the W-4 was properly filled out and at the same time have some one explain the salary caps associated with some of the taxes etc. As a new employee, your the social security fica tax is reset. You may have reached it in prior job and saw an increase in your take home. Hope this help

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Vernon Reizman
Title: CFO
Company: RCM Industries, Inc.
(CFO, RCM Industries, Inc.) |

Anonymous--sure you can ask but why? Fill out a new w-4 form, make yourself a copy so next time you have it and turn in the new original. Time to move forward. The past is not relevant at this time.

J.G. Collins
Title: Managing Director
Company: The Stuyvesant Square Consultancy
(Managing Director, The Stuyvesant Square Consultancy) |

I would reiterate Vernon Reizman's comment, although its late in the year. You may want to make the adjustment for the first payroll of 2014.

Also, if Malak Kazan's scenario is correct (i.e., you've started a new job and are starting the OASDI portion of your FICA again from "Dollar One" at the new job after reaching the cap at your old job), keep in mind that you can apply the extra FICA you're paying at the new job as a credit against your federal income tax. This is very often overlooked by tax preparers, though most computer-prep software should handle it correctly.

If you decide you want to file the new W-4 for what remains of 2013, and you are overpaying your FICA as described in the aforementioned paragraph, drop me a line and I'll walk you through what you need to do.

(Agent, JKS Solutions, Inc.) |

You can go to and under Forms and Pubs on the left hand side you can click on Form W-4. The worksheet that is included does a good job for most people of figuring out how they should fill out the form. The website also has a calculator online to help you out. Just type in "IRS Withholding Calculator" in the search field at the top of the IRS website.

I disagree about waiting. You are giving the IRS a loan when you withhold more than you need. It might also take you a while to figure out what you should be doing. Don't forget to check on your state's website as well.

Vivian Frazier
Title: Independent consultant
Company: Vivian Babakanian Frazier, Consultant
LinkedIn Profile
(Independent consultant, Vivian Babakanian Frazier, Consultant) |

Sometimes your paycheck stub will show your status and exemptions. Look for a code that shows up something like S 1, S 0 (single 1/0 exemption), or M 4, M 8 (married 4/8 exemptions). I hope this makes sense. It is likely to be in a header or footer section of the stub and not associated with any particular amount.

I agree that the sooner you adjust it, the better, and filling out a new form is the way to go. You cannot modify the old one anyway, you would still have to fill out a new one. Good luck.

Robert Ewalt
Title: Exam Development Manager
Company: Institute of Certified Management Accoun..
(Exam Development Manager, Institute of Certified Management Accountants) |

I see Sonya has already pointed out that you can get a new W-4 from IRS, and submit to your Payroll or HR dept. It is their responsibility to adjust your withholding, and this is not an uncommon requrest.

Did you have a tax preparer help you with your tax returns? If so, ask the preparer to help you adjust the W-4 appropriately.


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