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corporate finance career pathHello Everyone, I thought this would be the right forum to seek guidance from some very seasoned finance professional and coaches. Am desirous of changing my career from IT to finance. I have spend over 10 years in finance career in India in areas of corporate finance, treasury management, investment management, working capital and project financing before coming to the US. I spent the last 10 years working for IT companies and managing some large clients as Account Manager. I hold a degree in Cost Accounting (India), CMA (USA) and MBA(international)....the skills that i have and are transferable are: 1 Techno functional- understand business and financial drivers 2.Business strategy- have lead start ups and turn around client relationships, provided multi-million dollar growths 3. Financial Planning and Analysis 4. Excellent communication and presentation skills, work great in team and can interact with CXO's What advice people can give if I need to change my career to finance / financial analysts / and where should i begin?. Do i need start right from scratch and work my way up? Pl advice. Many thanks


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With the credentials that you cite, you should be able to step right into the career you seek.

However, when you say switch from "IT" I'm wondering exactly why. Depending on what exactly you do in IT, I suspect might be much more lucrative than almost any position in finance.

Is this a case of the grass being greener on the other side of the fence perhaps?

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Thanks for your reply and feedback. this is encouraging starting point. Finance something that I always longed for. Its not about grass being greener...its the passion and what comes naturally to me..what kind of jobs should i apply....and how should i prepare myself.?

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Finance executives with a depth of technology understanding are marketable. Your challenge will be the non-traditional finance career climb. You will be the "right purple cow" to a specific target audience - so that is the audience to whom you should market yourself.

Remember, it's not about what you've done or the credentials you hold. Ultimately, it is about how you solved problems and impacted the organizations.

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Large corporations typically have roles which bridge the gap between IT and the business units. I am sure there are some opportunities if you pursue this route. Also, you can leverage your prior experience in a company in a treasury role or one of the other functions you mentioned. You shouldn’t have to start all over unless you don't want to use some of the skills you already used.

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Thank you Patrick and Cindy for your feedback and guidance.