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What are the types of chargebacks you might see on your credit card processing bill? (Webinar Attendee Question)

credit card chargeback types explainedThis question was asked by an attendee during the Proformative webinar "Leveraging Analytics to Manage the Cost of Credit and Debit Card Payments" held on February 7, 2013.  Please join the discussion and add your insights below.

A video of the webinar can be viewed here:


Topic Expert
Anand Goel
Title: CEO
Company: Optimized Payments Consulting
(CEO, Optimized Payments Consulting) |

Here are some chargeback reason codes by card type...

Reason Code Description
01 Requested Transaction Data Not Received
02 Requested\Required information illegible or missing
07 Warning Bulletin File
08 Requested\Required authorization not obtained
12 Account number not on file
31 Transaction amount differs
34 Duplicate Processing
35 Card not valid or expired
37 No Cardholder Authorization
40 Fraudulent Processing of Transactions
41 Canceled Recurring Transaction
42 Late Presentment
46 Correct Transaction Currency Code not provided
47 Exceeds floor limit\Not authorized and Fraudulent Transaction
49 Questionable Merchant Activity
50 Credit Posted as a Purchase
53 Cardholder Dispute Defective\Not as Described
54 Cardholder Dispute Not Elsewhere Classified (US Region only)
55 Goods or Services Not Provided
57 Card Activated Telephone Transaction
59 No Show, Addendum, or ATM Dispute
60 Credit Not Processed
62 Counterfeit Transaction Magnetic Stripe POS Fraud
63 Cardholder Does Not Recognize-Potential Fraud
70 Chip Liability Shift
71 Chip/PIN Liability Shift

Reason Code Description
30 Services/Merchandise Not Rendered
41 Canceled Recurring Transaction
53 Not As Described/Defective
57 Fraudulent Processing of Transactions
60 Request Copy Illegible
62 Counterfeit Transaction
71 Authorization Request Declined
72 No Authorization
73 Expired Card
74 Late Presentment
75 Cardholder Does Not Recognize
76 Incorrect Transaction Code(Credit Posted as a Purchase)
77 Non-Matching Account Number
80 Incorrect Transaction Amount Or Account number
81 Fraud- Card Present Environment
82 Duplicate Processing
83 Fraud- Card Not Present Environment
85 Credit Not Processed
86 Paid by Other Means
90 Non-Receipt of Cash at ATM
96 Transaction Exceed Limited Amount

Reason Code Description
4750 AL Airline Transaction Dispute
4541 AP Recurring Payment
4586 AW Altered Amount
4751 CA Cash Advance Dispute
4550 CD Credit Posted as Card Sale
4594 CR Canceled Reservation
4534 DP Duplicate Processing
4554 NC Not Classified
4755 RG Non-Receipt of Goods or Services
4553 RM Cardholder Disputes Quality of Goods or Services
8001 RN1 Additional Credit Requested
8002 RN2 Credit Not Received
4752 DA Declined Authorization
4535 EX Expired Card
4502 IC Illegible Transaction Documentation
4753 IN Invalid Card Number
4584 IS Missing Signature
4542 LP Late Presentment
4754 NA No Authorization
4756 SV Stored Value Dispute
4757 TF Dispute Initiated by Discover Network for Violation of Operating Regulations
7010 UA10 Swiped Card Transaction - Proof of Valid Sale
7011 UA11 Swiped Card Transaction - No Signature Obtained
7012 UA12 Swiped Card Transaction - Invalid Signature Obtained
7018 UA18 Swiped Card Transaction - Illegible copy of transaction receipt
7020 UA20 Keyed Card Transaction - Proof of Valid Card Sale
7021 UA21 Keyed Card Transaction -No Signature Obtained
7022 UA22 Keyed Card Transaction - Invalid signature obtained
7023 UA23 Keyed Card Transaction - Invalid imprint obtained
7028 UA28 Keyed Card Transaction - Illegible Copy of Transaction Receipt
7030 UA30 Card Not Present Card Transaction - Proof of Delivery
7031 UA31 Card Not Present Card Transaction - Invalid Proof of Delivery
7038 UA38 Card Not Present Card Transaction - Illegible copy of Transaction Receipt
7001 UA01 No Authorization
7002 UA02 Declined Authorization
7003 UA03 Sale Exceeded Authorization Amount
7032 UA32 Address Verification Service or CID Failure in Card Not Present Card Transaction
7099 UA99 Non-Compliance with Operating Regulations

Reason Code Description
A01 No valid authorization/excessive amount
A02 No authorization/valid approval code
A03 No authorization/incomplete digit received
A04 No authorization received at time of sale
A05 No authorization matching our records
A06 Authorization received over the limit amount
A07 Authorization request declined
A08 Authorization approval code expired
A09 Authorization approval code expired/Fraud
A10 No authorization/Unauthorized charge
C01 Credit Not Processed
C02 Credit Not Processed
C03 Credit Not Processed
C04 Credit not processed/returned merchandise
C05 Credit not processed/canceled transaction
C06 Credit not processed/resolve directly with cardholder
C07 Credit not processed/proper disclosure
C08 Non-Receipt of merchandise
C09 Services not rendered
C10 Canceled Recurring Transaction
C11 Incorrect transaction amount
C12 Incorrect trans amount/no cardholder permission
C13 Paid by Other Means
C14 Paid by Other Means
C15 Paid by other means/voucher provided
C16 Billing out side of US and Canada
C17 Card no valid in US
C18 Canceled trans/no show
C19 Duplicate Billing
C20 No show transaction
C21 Compliance
C22 Compliance
C23 Compliance
C24 Compliance
C25 Reverse previous debit
C26 Canceled Recurring
C28 Canceled Recurring
F01 Full Recourse/Immediate CB Program
F02 Fraud - Box Office Tickets
F03 Agreement made with CH, not Amex
F04 CNP Trans - No proof of authorization
F05 No Signature, Swipe or Imprint obtained
F06 Only CH name authorized to charge
F07 Deal Directly with the Cardholder
F08 No support for "signature on file" charge
F09 Merchandise pick up - card present
F10 No swipe - keyed transaction
F11 Only Cardholder is authorized to make charges
F12 Signature misspelled
F13 Signature differs from name imprint
F14 No Signature Obtained
F15 No CH Signature provided
F16 Non Receipt of merchandise
F17 Tickets sent to wrong address
F18 Merchandise shipped to wrong address
F19 Merchandise shipped to wrong address
F20 Expired Card
F21 Invalid Card
F22 Expired/Invalid Card
F23 Expired Card
F24 Multiple Charges
F25 No authorization for total amount of charge
F26 Incorrect name on transaction
F27 Supporting documentation is missing Cardholder's name
F28 Ticket by Mail or Electronic Tickets
FR1 Full Recourse
FR2 Full Recourse
FR3 Full Recourse
FR4 Full Recourse
FR5 Full Recourse
M01 Acct Notice - processed Chargeback authorization
M02 Acct Notice - processed your credit
M03 Acct Notice - processed your credit
M04 Acct Notice - debit stands
M05 Acct Notice - ch does not agree
M06 Fraud - full data stream not provided
M07 Rental Room Charges Only
M08 Rental Room Charges Only
M09 Cannot bill for Damages
M10 Capital damages
M11 Credit processed
M12 Compliance
M13 Not as described - Unable to resolve
M14 Payment for transaction
M15 Canceled Recurring - Inactive account
M16 Charged incurred after acct canceled
M17 CH acct canceled at time of charge
M18 Canceled Recurring - Inactive account
M19 Offset adjustment
M20 Offset adjustment
M21 Offset adjustment
M22 Offset adjustment
M34 Not on Card Deposit Program
M37 Credit must be processed to cardholder's account
M38 Offset adjustment
M39 Offset adjustment
M41 Fraud - Cardholder still denies charge
M42 Reversal Past time
M47 Miscellaneous Adjustment/Resolution
M48 Courtesy
P01 Non-Matching Account Number
P02 Non-Matching Acct No for returned item
P03 Debit Posted as a Credit
P04 Credit Posted as a Sale
P05 Transaction amount differs
P06 Late Presentment
P07 Late Presentment
P08 Duplicate Billing - send both trans
P09 Duplicate Payment
P10 Duplicate Billing
P11 Duplicate Billing - no support provided
P12 Duplicate Credit Adjustment
P14 Non-Matching Account Number
P15 Late Retrieval Response
P16 Late Retrieval Response
P17 Late Retrieval Response = CB
P18 Credit Not Processed
P19 Non-Matching Account Number
P20 Credit on Non-Matching Acct Number
R01 Proof of Delivery Not Provided
R02 Delivery Address no Provided
R03 Signed Support not Provided
R04 Insufficient Doc
R05 Returned Check Dispute
R06 Fraud - not ordered or received
R07 POD not Provided
R08 No Proof of Swipe
R09 Signed Registration Cards not Provided
R10 Name and Signature not Provided
R11 No proof of signed authorization
R12 Insufficient Doc received to re-bill
R13 Retrieval Response Not Received
R14 Late Retrieval Response
R15 Insufficient Doc
R16 Non-Response to Transaction Inquiry
R17 Late CB Response - Deal with CH
R18 Reversal Request Not Received Within Time
R19 Reversal Request Not Received Within Time
R20 Retrieval Response Not Received
R21 Late Chargeback Response
R22 Reversal Accepted
R80 No longer disputed

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