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Does anyone actually use a standing desk? Has it improved your productivity in any way?


(Manager) |

I heard one remark that sitting is the new smoking. Not sure about the numbers, but wouldn't be surprised from a health perspective.

I hope someone responds who actually works at a standing desk.

Christopher Moe
Title: 5
Company: Vectrix
(5, Vectrix) |

I have had one for about six months. It is actually adjustable and goes from sitting mode to standing mode in one quick move. It is great for informal small meetings, we stand around the desk and review a document. Sort of feels like being at a bar. The standing part keeps these meetings short and to the point! I don't stand all day. When I get tired, I just drop back to sit mode. Overall, it feels like a positive move.

Jason Spanos
Title: Principal
Company: Success ERP
(Principal, Success ERP) |

The general idea is to switch your position every once in a while. Standing all day is not ideal either, so Christopher Moe has the right idea to keep changing it back and forth. Other substitutes are to get up and move around every half hour or so. The standing desk may help your productivity, but the main goal is to help your health so that your body isn't in "shut down" for several hours a day.

Brad Luke
Title: SVP
Company: Software as a service
(SVP, Software as a service) |

I had a desk at one company that moved from sitting to standing with one lever and it was great. I would love to have that desk again. From a finance perspective I think these desks are luxuries, but I do think it makes people more productive and happy (hard to measure those two though).

Topic Expert
Christie Jahn
Title: CFO
Company: Prime Investments & Development
(CFO, Prime Investments & Development) |

I think it would be pretty cool! I saw a personal trainer once showing someone working at an office that had a treadmill set up so they could slowly walk anytime they wanted to. It had a platform on the top with their laptop. I would also think that would be very cool!

m phillips-rickey
Title: Director Member Education
Company: Institute of Chartered Accountants of Al..
(Director Member Education , Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta) |

I have a standing desk at home and I have devised one at work. I am not sure if they improve productivity but they do give your body a rest from sitting and that is a helpful during the afternoon doldrums (and probably for any repetitive type injury). I also rigged one for my treadmill. You have to choose what you do on the treadmill - if the material is too interesting you fall off, if you are running it's hard to focus on the fine print and I have not found a way to type while I am on the treadmill.


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