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Does anyone have experience dealing with Hayman Private Equity from Boston?

We have a project all together and we were brought this funding source that has no (little, impertinent, supposedly sour employee) info on the web. It refuses to give any info until we place a certain amount in escrow to cover the expenses it expects to incur in vetting our deal (which is to meet a foreign government need). Is that strange? How can I find out if they are legitimate and can deliver?


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Michael Bateman
Title: Principal
Company: The Bateman Company
(Principal, The Bateman Company) |

I don't know Hayman, but you're right - this is "strange". In my opinion, their website is abysmal either by incompetence, intent or both. I recommend that that it is best to not to deal with a funding source (whether the funding entity or an intermediary) that wants money up front. If you are going to pay someone for help with funding, pay for success, e.g. when the money is in your bank. I wouldn't spend time on a company that doesn't appear to be trying to be helpful and has a questionable business model, but if you choose to do so, I recommend that you put the onus on them and have them send info on their business model, team, investments, track record, etc. and ask them for a solid set of references that you can check.

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Jim Quinlan
Title: CFO, Managing Director
Company: Trinity Group, BlueGold, Genergy, Wellco..
LinkedIn Profile
(CFO, Managing Director, Trinity Group, BlueGold, Genergy, Wellcount) |

Hayman will not give any references or resume' as they say all are under five-year confidentiality agreements.

And they will not budge from the pre-condition of our putting the "advance-fee" in their attorney's client expense account, won't do an escrow.

I agree with you Michael that it doesn't smell right.

James Emmons
Title: President
Company: Genral Electrodynamics Corporation
(President, Genral Electrodynamics Corporation) |

I am not familiar with Hayman, but I agree with the other comments. If they want your cash payment up front with no references or information I think you should run from that deal. I think someone above stated this does not smell right.
Very strange!

Mark Muenchow
Title: Chief Financial Officer
Company: eCullet Incorporated
(Chief Financial Officer, eCullet Incorporated) |

Run away! Run away!

- Monty Python

Vinod Keni
Title: Director/Partner
Company: Peachtree Management Advisors/Aquarian G..
(Director/Partner, Peachtree Management Advisors/Aquarian Group LLC) |

These are like vultures! I have had experience with a client who brought somebody similar, and it was a disaster; it took me close to 6 months to clean up the mess, not to mention the financial loss! Run and stay away from such companies.


Jake Pressman
Title: Analyst
Company: MBB Financial
(Analyst, MBB Financial) |

I would like some information on Hayman as well. Who are you dealing with from Hayman and how were you introduced to them? What is the financing mechanisms they have discussed with you? Send me a private message and we can share information.

Robert Horlick
Title: Managing Principal
Company: Harrison and Horlick Inc.
(Managing Principal, Harrison and Horlick Inc.) |

I can be reached at (949) 400-4574

Topic Expert
Jim Quinlan
Title: CFO, Managing Director
Company: Trinity Group, BlueGold, Genergy, Wellco..
LinkedIn Profile
(CFO, Managing Director, Trinity Group, BlueGold, Genergy, Wellcount) |

Hi Jake,

Sorry to be so late in getting to you, but I guess I missed the notice of when you posted.

I'd be happy to discuss Hayman with you as you're able. Reach me at 206.856.8408 or email to jquinlanatpacificrimenergy [dot] info.

Jim Quinlan
Skype: quinlan.jim


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