Does anyone have a revolving credit agreement that could be redacted and shared.

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Interested in current terms and conditions.


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Many large companies publish the agreements in their 8ks - try searching on sec. Gov by keyword. Believe at&t or MetLife or some others-

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Since credit is material to a company, most public companies are required to file their agreements either as an 8-K or as part of their Q's or K's. They are usually difficult to find. If you can get a date of the facility this can help narrow down the number of filing you need to dig through on Edgar.

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Hi Linda,

Actually, there's an extremely useful and mostly free website that has already done the legwork by collecting the legal agreements from SEC filings. They do charge a fee for some but you can find many agreements at no cost.

You can look at Loan category or search the site for your kewords. Please let me know if you need additional help.