Employment Agreement template?

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Can anyone share a Word doc containing a template or example of an employment agreement? Ideally, it would be for the CFO level and it would contain salary guidance/terms, non compete terms, non solicitation terms as well as termination terms. Thanks!


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Glenn, just take a look at the top level of this group (look at the group level, not at this posting in particular) and you will see an example of a California version of an offer letter. It has, I believe, everything you are looking for except for non-compete clause which is virtually useless in California (so many counsel just don't bother including it anymore). Here is the link: http://alpha.proformative.com/og/resource/human-resources/executive-offer-letter-california

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I am hoping to find language beyond the typical 'employment at will' terms, i.e., severance terms, such as 'employee/exec will receive X months of salary continuation if terminated for any reason, blah, blah'

thx all!

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Take a look at this separation agreement: http://alpha.proformative.com/og/resource/general-discussions/ca-separation-agreement. This has much of the language you would want to wrap around your salary continuation (some of the "blah, blah" you were looking for). And the exec offer letter above has a nice section on change of control and termination for cause vs. constructive termination. All of which you will probably want. The idea being to not give the extra salary, etc. upon termination without protecting the company's interests at the same time.

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