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ERP software that manages inventory by length

If you can recommend ERP software that specifically manages inventory using length units of measure (in addition to other units of measure), please let me know. This would be relevant to companies that distribute product (like rope, cable, piping, wire, etc.) that may be made/ stocked/ sold in standard units (e.g. 500ft lengths) or in non standard lengths. Customers may order any length, the warehouse may store the item in multiple reels, coils, or spools (in both US and Metric measures), and the warehouse manager needs to know what lengths are available to best fulfill the customer order. In addition, the option for manufacturer's serial/batch/production date tracking on each reel/spool/coil is important. Imagine a 1245 ft customer order- consisting of 2x 500ft reels plus a 245 length special cut-this would leave 255ft remaining on that standard length reel. Thanks Len


Nitin Khanna
Title: ERP Consultant
Company: McGladrey, LLP
(ERP Consultant, McGladrey, LLP) |

Hello Len,
NetSuite ERP does have an elegant way of handling units of measure. Here is an excerpt that explains further.

The Multiple Units of Measure feature in NetSuite enables you to define various units used to stock, purchase, and sell inventory items, and track non-monetary accounts.

If you are using the feature with inventory items, units of measure provides greater flexibility and accuracy when tracking and selling inventory. For example, you may purchase cable in pallets, stock the cable in spools, and sell the cable in feet. With the Multiple Units of Measure feature, you set up a Units Type and define each unit for that type. You can set up a Units Type called Length. Then, set up Length units of Inch, Foot, and Yard. You assign a base unit and define each unit in terms of the base. For example, if your base unit is Inch, define the unit Foot as 12 inches. After you set up a Units Type, you can define a unit to default for each item on a particular transaction. On item records, designate a unit to default as a purchase unit, stock unit or sales unit. Then, on transactions:

• Purchase orders default to show the item in purchase units.
• Invoices default to show the item in sales units.
• Inventory adjustments default to show the item in stock units.
• Work orders, assembly unbuilds, and assembly builds for assemblies are recorded in base units.

Also, reports you generate show units of measure based on the units used in transactions. For example, when you track inventory of soda by the case, your inventory reports display soda with stock counts based on cases.

Hope this helps,

Jason Spanos
Title: Principal
Company: Success ERP
(Principal, Success ERP) |

Hi Len,

Many of the typical ERP systems handle this through a unit-of-measure conversion table that is part of the core software. They also have the ability to turn on lot tracking. Do you need any sort of automated depletion or will the client be manually choosing which batch of stock to deplete? Also, will the product sold be considered the same part number or will it be a different part number and treated like a 'manufactured' part that consumes the purchased batches?

Do you need additional functionality beyond what I listed above, or will this do?

Len Green
Title: Performance Improvement Consultant and E..
Company: Haygarth Consulting LLC
LinkedIn Profile
(Performance Improvement Consultant and ERP Strategist, Haygarth Consulting LLC) |

The depletion may be either system driven or manual.
The sold item is not always the purchased item- there is some conversion/light assembly (including cut to length) to create a saleable item.
The UOM conversion needs to be robust for options to:
-sell it
-buy it
-stock it/consume it
in both feet and metres.
Color can also play a role (e.g. I need 450ft green, 575ft. black, etc).

The client is a mid market sized company. What ERPs would you suggest that handle this smartly?

Nitin-thanks for your outline on NS.

Thanks both!

Jeff Irving
Title: National Sales Manager
Company: The Rubicon Group Ltd.
(National Sales Manager, The Rubicon Group Ltd.) |

Hi Len,

The Rubicon Solution is the leading ERP solution for companies that distribute, manufacture, and assemble using continuous length products like wire and cable, wire rope, textiles, and flexible tubing, sleeving and shielding products.

Everything you've asked is basic functionality pervasive throughout the software.
Rubicon has been used by wire businesses worldwide for over 30 years, for these very capabilities, and is why More wire and cable is sold in North America using Rubicon than any other ERP system.

Check Them Out –

Lylene C
Title: Representative
Company: Emerge App
(Representative, Emerge App) |

You can try EMERGE App, check them out on

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