Experience using Expensify, Expensecloud, Replicon, Concur or TimeSmart?

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expensfiy vs concurWe are 10 person company, but situated across 3 states. I am looking for an online solution so that employees can submit PTO requests, timesheets (less important since only need for a few consultants) and expense reports to supervisors. We need the expense tracking to integrate into Quickbooks.

I am considering the single solution offered by Replicon (which has a single interface for all three modules) or using a combination of an expense solution (like Expensify, Expensecloud, Concur, etc.) and TimeSmart.  I would greatly appreciate any experience you would be willing to share with any of these services. 

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Hi Anonymous,

take a look at this free white paper. It may help you figure it out:

The ROI Of Cloud-Based Accounting Systems

Best... Sarah

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Expensify I've tried; it works.
Concur I've heard good things.
I didn't see a need for an integrated solution since I wasn't planning on paying for integration into my GL...however...
...the next time I do this I will be considering a more integrated solution as I would prefer to save my approving-execs the time and complexity of multiple platforms.

*Note I used ClickTime instead of TimeSmart; my peers who have used the latter have said good stuff about it.

*Note further that generally my timesheet people and expense report people were separate, so this influenced my decision.

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We use Concur and it's fantastic but probably overkill for 10 employees since it doesn't do timesheets. I would recommend the single interface option since you probably don't have any complicated customizations.

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We have 75 employees and use Concur for travel booking, expense report filing and vendor invoice routing. It was relatively easy to implement and reasonably priced.

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SpringAhead does both time and expense reporting and integrates with QB.

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Just an update - we went with Concur for expenses and really like it so far. We are still looking for a timesheet/PTO request solution (or will wait until an integrated solution comes along).

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In the process of trying to setup Expensify. Most frustrating experience ever. No support, no user guides, just trial and error and poorly produced 2 minute videos that you have to search to find. I just called Concur!

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I've been using Expensify for several years.. they have customer support. No major problems.