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Looking for a Credit Card processor?

Vantiv vs First DataI have been asked by a client to implement a credit card platform.  Can anyone suggest a system that they are happy with?  I would rather receive a referral than just go on-line and search through the thousands of services.

My only requirements - high quality customer care, high uptime, support for all major credit cards, and good pricing.

Please let me know.


Philip Mikal
Title: Executive
Company: Small Company
LinkedIn Profile
(Executive, Small Company) |

It's generally best to go with one of the major acquirers directly rather than an ISO, which is essentially a reseller. In the US, I generally recommend Vantiv and can give you a direct referral. Will send you a PM.

Topic Expert
Brenda Goudey
Title: CFO/VP of Finance
Company: KDR Designer Showrooms
(CFO/VP of Finance, KDR Designer Showrooms) |

We use Gravity Payments and I've been very happy with them. They meet all of your criteria, including good pricing. Beyond the standard "1-800" customer service you call when a card declines, we have a local customer service person (real customer service, not just the sales rep) who is a great resource when you have higher level questions or concerns and just want to discuss it with someone.

Topic Expert
Anand Goel
Title: CEO
Company: Optimized Payments Consulting
(CEO, Optimized Payments Consulting) |

In addition to your requirements, it would be helpful to know your client's industry and the type of POS or payment platform that you want to integrate with a payment processor. Also, what's the size of your client in terms of annual credit/debit card spend? This information will narrow the choice of potential card processors.

For reference, the largest card processors in the U.S. are First Data, Chase Paymentech, Elavon, Vantiv, and WorldPay.

Anand Goel
Optimized Payments Consulting

Joe Schatz
Title: Director
Company: Medline
(Director, Medline) |

We implemented Paymetric software (SAAS model) connecting to First Data/Bank of America. We had a bumpy start but hit our milestones and since Go Live it has worked very well. We are an SAP shop and we accept orders through phone, web, and fax. Also, we are primarily an B2B shop with government as a part of our customer base.

First few questions you should ask before going too far:
$ Volume and transaction volume
Are there large ticket items (discounts possible)
Level III transaction data required (Goverment/Business P-Cards)
Security! Avoid storing the data onsite.
Level of integration needed in the Sales Order and Invoice processes.

Good luck!


Cindy Kraft
Title: CFO Coach
Company: Executive Essentials
(CFO Coach, Executive Essentials) |

As a Costco executive member, I also take advantage of their merchant services through Evalon. Great customer service and a virtual gateway (including an app on my iPhone) so even when I'm traveling, I can take client's fees. I've found their pricing to be super-competitive, even lower than most of their competition.

Dennis Milosky
Title: Senior Controller
Company: Makena Capital Management
LinkedIn Profile
(Senior Controller, Makena Capital Management) |

I just received a proposal from Merchant e-Solutions. Their quoted rates are very competitive to our current fees through and Wells Fargo merchant services.

We are primarily B2B and the majority of our transactions are Level II. We also have some Government/Business purchasing cards that would be Level III transactions.

Has anyone had experience with Merchant e-Solutions?

Our monthly volume averages $25-$35,000 and the average transaction size is approximately $1,000.

I would appreciate any direct feedback.

Bryan Frey
Title: VP Finance/Corp Controller
(VP Finance/Corp Controller, ) |

I used Merchant e-Solutions at a past company. Very high volume consumer facing site. The service and cost was fine, although their online reporting capabilities were not the best, and the process for manually running charges or manually reversing/crediting charges were a pain. Lots of screens, not well laid out, and unclear. However, that was years back. I would simply ask them for a live demo to see what it looks like now. As for the service itself, though, no complaints at all. And they were always responsive when we had questions or problems.

Michael Jameson
Title: VP Finance
Company: Undisclosed
(VP Finance, Undisclosed) | is one of the industry giants in online payment processing. They were and still are considered a pioneer by CC geeks and system developers as their platform integrates with a lot of ERPs and web-commerce platforms. I have used them (we are using them now) for years and prefer them over others I have used in the past. Would suggest putting them in the mix.

Sara Voight
Title: Controller
Company: Critical Signal Technologies, Inc
(Controller, Critical Signal Technologies, Inc) |

Try PaySimple. They offer great service, easy naviagtion, and competitive pricing of all their services.

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