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Foreign income Live in USA

I work for a company in UK full time, but living in the US. They dont 1099, how do I go about reporting this income come, tax season?


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Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
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(President & CFO, |

You need to hire a tax professional.

Global income can be very complex and there may be more variables than your two line questions can answer.

Any advice here would not be a) proper or b) fully correct.

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Patrick Dunne
Title: Chief Financial Officer
Company: Milk Source
(Chief Financial Officer, Milk Source) |

From you description it sounds as if you worked in the UK more than 180 days. If so, you should work with a tax advisor as you will most likely be filing returns in both jurisdictions. It's been a while, but I think 180 days is the cutoff. You may want to check with a tax advisor nonetheless.

Jim Schwartz
Title: Corporate financial advisor
Company: Wabash Financial Strategies
(Corporate financial advisor, Wabash Financial Strategies) |

My son has the opposite scenario: full-time UK resident working for US companies as either a free-lance contractor or employee. If you are interested, I can provide the name of his Boston-area accountant that has demonstrated its knowledge in handling his international tax matters. Whether the UK company does a 1099 or not, you are responsible for properly reporting the income and paying the taxes.

Don't wait until "tax season" to address this. In addition to US income taxes (federal and state/local), you may also owe FICA and Medicare taxes. Either withholding or quarterly estimated payments need to be made timely in order to avoid a penalty.

J.G. Collins
Title: Managing Director
Company: The Stuyvesant Square Consultancy
(Managing Director, The Stuyvesant Square Consultancy) |

Mike O'Leary, my understanding is you are you a US citizen working for a UK company in the USA, correct?

If that is the case, what is the nature of the work you do for them in the United States? If it is outside activities specified in the US/UK Income Tax Treaty (for example, running a showroom or working as a journalist), your employer might have a larger US tax issue in that they might have a permanent establishment in the USA for business tax purposes.

You situation is relatively simple, if my understanding (above) is correct. Your tax will simply be determined by your UK wages. However, since your employer has no US withholding, you will need to make estimated tax payments and, most likely, pay in "Self Employment" tax even though you are employed.

I reiterate the advice of others here telling you to seek out professional tax advice. However, I would advise you to have your employer engage a US tax professional who is familiar with international taxation to address any issues they may have unknowingly triggered here by employing you.

Please send me a reply if you require further explanation.


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