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headcount forecast in excelI have a headcount forecasting worksheet in workbook an ex-employee left behind that has some holes in it. I need a formula in Excel that populates a headcount grid by querying the cells for each employee's start date, and also a formula for allowing for percentage raises . Any brilliant Excel modellers have ideas?


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Not sure of the scope of it, but you can attack this in a minimum of 2 ways. One using Countif/Sumif and the other using PivotTables. In my mind, what you are looking for is pretty straightforward, so in that case I suggest CountIf/SumIf. PivotTables can be quirky and if the data analysis doesn't involve a ton of 'whatif' meaning the grid will be static I suggest the simpler approach.

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Whatever headcount forecasting spreadsheet you create in Excel, to be accurate, it should in some way take into account the metrics in this informative white paper:

"5 Must-Have Metrics to Create an HR Value Center"

It breaks it down into these five areas: Recruitment/Retention, Productivity/Goals, Employee Engagement, Compensation and Benefits.

Plus, this free "Excel Shortcuts Cheat Sheet"



Best... Sarah

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David, I would be interested in this resource and so may other members of the Proformative community. Proformative does allow the posting of resources. Resources is a main site navigation tab. You could post the resource and then share the link in a response to Jerry to get the resource out to the community and "close the loop" with Jerry in addition to sharing your resource with the Proformative community.

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David, I saw that you posted the resource, but I did not see the attachment.

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Try it again, hopefully it worked this time. Let me know if it helps at all.


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Thx David

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Just posted my headcount forecast model here. See if it works for you.



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Good day,

I am finishing HC Model creation for the Bank, (it has more than 20 Analysis Types & 8 Integrated DataBases) and it is interesting for me: why no one uses VBA Programming for Models Creation instead of using million of complicated/hard for viewing formulas?


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Possibly because most Controllers/CFO's are not programmers... and they don't have a VBA programmer at their disposal and quite possibly don't want to incur the expense....