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How to deal with this recruiter?

So a couple of weeks ago I received a connection request from a recruiter on LinkedIn and although there was no more information than the request itself I decided to accept never knowing what it might turn into. Some days later the recruiter wrote to me and asked if I would be interested in a particular job. The job itself would be a great opportunity although it would be uncharted territory so I decided to agree to a call with the recruiter and the hiring manager the following week.

Obviously I spent quite a bit of time preparing for the call, but when the day came I got a call in the morning from the recruiter saying they had already found a suitable candidate. A bit disappointed that I had wasted my time I thought to myself that it was better they don't waste my time with a call if they already found another good candidate.

However 2 weeks later I see that recruiter posting the exact same job on LinkedIn where it popped up in my news stream. So after all the recruiter was not upright with me and probably the hiring manager thought my profile was not strong enough and turned it down before the call. However how would you deal with the recruiter from there on?


Michael Garibaldi
Title: Owner
Company: MTG & Ass., Ltd.
(Owner, MTG & Ass., Ltd.) |

Move on. Specs change all the time. Maybe he is lying to you; maybe the spec changed 3 times since you spoke with him? I am not saying it is right, but this happens. You can be petty about it and remove him as a contact from linkedin, but what if he comes up with a great lead a few weeks / months / years from now? Like I said - best just to move on and not worry about it.

Chris Holtzer
Title: Senior Manager - Strategic Analysis
Company: Sargento
(Senior Manager - Strategic Analysis, Sargento) |

I would be upfront with the recruiter. Remember, the recruiter is not a potential employer, so the rules of interaction are different. Your relationship benefits both of you by being brutally honest with each other.

I am not recommending that you are rude or confrontational, but don't be afraid to ask what happened. There are many things that could have happened, including what you suspect, but judging the situation with assumptions will end up bad for everyone. For example, it is possible that the position was filled but the candidate had to rescind the offer because of a counter from their current employer. Just get the facts and act accordingly from there.

Remember, while the recruiter benefits from helping you, their fiduciary responsibility is to the hiring company. Do your best not to burn bridges with recruiters. They can be very instrumental in your career path. On the other hand, I would not work with a recruiter who I felt was not honest with me. You both stand to grow and learn from the experience, even if that means an uncomfortable conversation as to why your interview was canceled.

Good Luck!

(Regional Finance Business Partner) |

Maybe I should also mention that the recruiter worked for the hiring company itself.

Cindy Kraft
Title: CFO Coach
Company: Executive Essentials
(CFO Coach, Executive Essentials) |

If it was an internal recruiter, then just move on. As Michael indicated, something changed.

Topic Expert
Samuel Dergel
Title: Director - Executive Search
Company: Stanton Chase International
LinkedIn Profile
(Director - Executive Search, Stanton Chase International) |

When it comes to your career, you need to realize that you're in sales, and your product is you.

Any sales professional will tell you that it takes many no's to get a yes. In your specific case, look at it as an potential opportunity that didn't turn in to real opportunity. This was one no of the many no's you will need to get to a yes that you will want to say yes to.

I agree with Cindy - moving on is best.

However, if this recruiter calls again, take their call.



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