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Feedback on the PEO Insperity

Has anyone worked with the PEO Insperity? Will you share your experience with us? Thanks


Elizabeth Burke
Title: self employed
Company: self employed
(self employed, self employed) |

I used Insperity (formerly Administaff) in 2002-2003 at a previous employer. Excellent support staff in Texas, the local team professionally addressed a challenging employee/management situation, active review of site issues for OSHA compliance, competitive benefits, easily handled employees in multiple states....very positive experience.

Topic Expert
Bob Stenz
Title: Controller
Company: Silicon Valley start-up
(Controller, Silicon Valley start-up) |

A few years back, I used Insperity and for seemly unfounded reasons related to medical insurance and perceived reporting options (and the CEO's and HR admin's direction) switched to Trinet. I was surprised by the fact that Trinet does not provide a payroll register for approving payroll (...Trinet forces you to approve payroll based on hours). On the other hand, Insperity has no problem providing a dollarized payroll for approval. For this reason, I favor Insperity. One other key difference with Insperity is that they combine insurance, payroll taxes and their admin fee in one uplift amount (%) per employee, whereas Trinet separates out these costs. Both provided great support.

Holly Oliver
Title: VP finance
Company: Avenue 81, INC.
(VP finance, Avenue 81, INC.) |

I have used Insperity in 3 companies over the last 15 years and would recommend them.

Daniel Berube
Title: Controller
Company: Tensoft, Inc
(Controller, Tensoft, Inc) |

I've worked with ADP and Insperity and the major pro that set Insperity apart was their customer service. They really do partner with you and become a valuable part of your organization.

(VP of Finance & Administration) |

Insperity's business practice of shielding the true costs of each component, and putting it all into a blended % is fairly deceptive and is not serving them well in situations where CFO's are crunching the numbers. Particularly in technology companies where you have a fair number of six-figure employees, remember that they will make significant margin later in the year after the FICA drops away for those employees and they are still getting the same markup % as they were earlier in the year.

My admin/payroll costs were a third with TriNet as they were with Insperity; I am now with ADP TotalSource and the admin/payroll costs are very similar to TriNet. Insperity was unable and unwilling to itemize the components of their offering and when I did it myself I was shocked with what I found.

Finally, although I agree that Insperity has good customer service, you can't really do very much online at all. TriNet and ADP TotalSource both have a good mix of customer service (live if needed) and online functionality. Insperity's online interface is nascent, and the reporting minimal and not at all transparent.

Bob Farkas
Title: Consulting CFO
Company: Crestview Associates, LLC
LinkedIn Profile
(Consulting CFO, Crestview Associates, LLC) |

To me, Insperity's blended pricing practices are a bad thing. I strongly prefer costs being broken down for transparency both for quotes and on an ongoing basis. TRINET does this part well. I would NEVER sign up for the blended rates Insperity (or any other EPO) offers. I realize it seems simple but, to me, it is for simpletons.

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