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Transition from Quickbooks to Netsuite or Intacct

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Intacct vs Netsuite vs QuickbooksWe're a rapidly growing technology hardware company, and are now at the point where we need to transition from Quickbooks to a platform that provides more comprehensive functionality.  Integrated procurement & inventory management is one of our most pressing needs. 

We are looking at Netsuite and Intacct, as a SaaS-based solution is desirable.  I have heard that Netsuite has a more robust inventory/procurement module, but in the past has had limitations in its financial reporting capabilities.

Can anyone share experiences they have had in evaluating or implementing either of these solutions?  Any other platforms we should consider?

Thanks in advance for any input you can provide!


Sarah Jackson
Title: Associate Editor
Company: Proformative
(Associate Editor, Proformative) |

To help you figure this out, here are free white papers from Intacct: well as a free white paper from NetSuite on Transforming Your Business With Cloud ERP:

Thomas, if you haven't already, you should definitely get your free copy of

"The Proformative Community Guide To ERP Selection & Implementation:"

I hope that helps.

Best... Sarah

Jordan Krizman
Title: Marketing Manager
Company: ProfitKeeper
(Marketing Manager , ProfitKeeper) |


I just asked one of our customers who transitioned from Intacct to NetSuite
for their opinion and experiences.
(see below)


Jordan Krizman
Title: Marketing Manager
Company: ProfitKeeper
(Marketing Manager , ProfitKeeper) |


Here is a 1st person account of someone who has actually used both systems (switched from Intacct to NetSuite)in their company:
"Financial Reporting is the only thing that I have found where Intacct is superior to NetSuite. The reports have more flexibility, the customization is much easier and intuitive, and they also “look better”. Lastly, they have the ability to do “groupings” and also automatically run the group and have it e-mailed to you.

Basically, our CEO loves the idea of a “one system” system. Therefore we went with NetSuite. That said, there are a LOT of advantages in NetSuite, (other than the actual financials). It is way more intuitive, easier to navigate, quicker to process. I’ve had the opportunity to have both systems open side by side (during our manual conversion) and could see that NetSuite has MANY advantages. The search bar is a HUGE advantage. Also, the individual processing, versus batch processing in Intacct.

Overall I like NS very much, and just wish the financials were a bit easier and prettier."

(She did not have experience with inventory in either system.)
It also depends on the type of reports you need. NetSuite might make sense if it handles the reporting you need and covers the inventory and procurement needs better. Additionally, there is a NetSuite add-on for complex financial reporting called Adaptive Planning.

Both software solutions have their advantages/disadvantages. A good adviser should be fluent in both. It's important to start with your most important needs, then see what functionality is imperative vs. "nice to have."

Be careful about case studies and comparison reports you read. They are a good start to educate yourself, but there are plenty of examples of converts from Netsuite To Intacct and vice versa. Good marketing can spin the argument either way. Both companies have testimonials and examples, so don't focus on those factors alone.

Kevin Lalor
Title: CEO
Company: Business Intelligence 101, Inc.
LinkedIn Profile
(CEO, Business Intelligence 101, Inc.) |

Hi Thomas:

Business Intelligence 101 offer implementation services for both Intacct and Netsuite and we have happy customers using both applications.

We often recommend Intacct to our clients who are looking primarily for core financials. Intacct allows you to apply dimensions attributes to your transactions allowing you to maintain a simple COA while enabling flexible reporting against by utilizing dimension data. Once your requirements expand beyond core accounting, Intacct becomes challenging. Even Intacct's purchasing module is not well integrated.

As your requirements expand, Netsuite starts to become more attractive. If you see value with an integrated CRM, eMarketing, eCommerce, Project Management, or manufacturing Netsuite is the best SaaS option on the market. Netsuite's largest industry vertical is Wholesale and distribution. While I'm hesitant to make a recommendation based on the few sentences in your post, I'd be suggest you give a hard look at Netsuite unless your procurement and inventory requirements are basic.


L. Keith Jordan
Title: Sole Proprietor
Company: L. Keith Jordan, CPA
LinkedIn Profile
(Sole Proprietor, L. Keith Jordan, CPA) |

Hopefully, my comments are not too late in your decision-making process. Before you leave QuickBooks, have you considered integrating Fishbowl?

I do not have personal experience with the product, but it might be worth a little research. At the very least, this option could save you the headache of migrating your accounting data.

Here is a link:

Byron Hoss
Title: Marketing Manager
Company: Argus LTD
(Marketing Manager, Argus LTD) |

I think another worth trying software for inventory management for small and large businesses is Emerge app.

It's an is an order & inventory management with simple accounting cloud software for small companies to boost productivity & drive higher profits. Any company buying/selling a physical product (either online or offline) can use EMERGE App to manage their sales, purchasing, operations, inventory & basic accounting process. The company that is doing full or partial trading (no physical stocks) can also seamlessly manage orders & purchases.

Here's the link:

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