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What is the big deal with mobile ERP?

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mobile erp

I keep hearing about mobile erp, but can't quite see the big benefit. Not looknig to be sold on a particular solution, just an insight into its usefulness.



Mark Canes
Title: President
Company: Blue Link Associates Limited
(President, Blue Link Associates Limited) |

From a practical perspective at this stage, mobile ERP mostly relates to discrete functions that may be available on your smartphone, etc. - and some of these do have practical application today - things like salespeople taking orders while at the customer, or using an iPhone to scan and pick items in a warehouse. Another sliver of mobile ERP might involve having mobile access to BI / dashboards.

Will we get to the point where your entire interaction with an ERP system is via a mobile device? Too early to say IMO.

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Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
LinkedIn Profile
(President & CFO, |

Don't forget the security issues with mobile phones and entry (any entry) into your ERP system.

On a very simple level, think lost phone and a mischievous (with or without malice) finder. What type of havoc could be entered into your systems until a) the loss is discovered, b) the errors located and removed?

For the record, I am NOT against this technology, but eyes wide shut is not acceptable either.

(Manager) |

With so much business done on the go, while traveling, outside the office, at home, etc... it's just the way everything is going. Look at the shift in traffic from desktop to phones and tablets. Wayne, I agree lost/stolen devices are a problem, but so are so many data security issues. I'm confident mobile erp security will not be an insurmountable problem.

Bryan Frey
Title: VP Finance/Corp Controller
(VP Finance/Corp Controller, ) |

We have a cloud based ERP system but their mobile apps have left a lot to be desired in the past. On occasion I would greatly want to see what the sales forecast is while i'm in the airport or on the road, but I couldn't get to that quickly and easily. Or I want to check bank balances or A/R or whatever. I think, much like smart phones themselves, once they have worked their way into our lives DEPENDABLY, the use cases will come out of the woodwork. I'd love to have all of my company info at my fingertips. But every platform has differing levels of mobile capability and I think the key is to really try them out. Request a demo of the mobile capabilities along with the desktop.

Quadri Abdulhaq Syed
Title: CTO/Enterprise Solutions Architect
Company: ANMAJ
(CTO/Enterprise Solutions Architect , ANMAJ) |

Very logical suggestions

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