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Need career advice on how to get out of the nightmare situation that I’m in.

My LinkedIn profile:

Working for a large utility company in Minneapolis/Saint Paul that rarely hires anyone who starts as a contractor. I have applied to jobs with them, but only 2 times have I heard from HR.

Been applying and interviewing and having phone interviews since Sept 2017 with no luck. I’m sure on some of them it was something I said, especially early on, when my interviewing skills were bad, but there have been some places where even if they would have offered me a position I wouldn’t have taken it. Take for instance the one manager who was using all sorts of phrases “like you better,” which is a huge red flag. Three times I wanted the jobs I interviewed for, but didn’t get.

I’m wanting a staff accountant role or something analysis related and pays about 50k. Not finding that this is really possible. Heck I’m even willing to work weekends for 50-55k as I already have to have a PT job to get to 50k. I need to make 50k.

I have a health problem that requires botox injections or my life becomes a living hell. Botox isn’t cheap, nor is health insurance. Nor is earning 2 bachelor's degrees.

Being a temp wasn't what I intended to do, but I landed at a bankrupt restaurant company and lost that in 2010. No one was hiring associate's with AP experience in 2010. I went to Metro State to enhance my prospects, but not sure that helped. I've had the bad luck of working places where the managers don't like anyone they've hired, the people don't talk to each other at all, or the big companies just straight up don't hire.

Then I’m also wondering too if accounting is even right for me? If it is do I need a master’s of accountancy, or maybe the CMA to finally make things happen?

I do feel based on a Meyer’s-Briggs exam that I am probably best suited for something like a budget analyst, but not even sure how you become one. I may be talking to the State of MN in June about that in an informational interview they said they would do with me then when the legislative session is over.

Another individual that I talked to said his sister is a project manager and that despite her having no education in that she started as a project coordinator.

Possible jobs that I’m looking at:
Financial Analysts
Management Analysts
Cost Estimators
Accountants and Auditors
Budget Analysts


(Managing Director) |

Hi Chris,

Since no one has answered you, I will take the plunge and attempt to offer some constructive criticism.

The overall tone is not professional for a number of reasons to the point where, if you hadn't disclosed your Linkedin profile, I might think this entire posting was a hoax. Did you consider that someone from your company might come across this public posting and what would they think of you?

Much of what you present is typically considered private information that is normally always kept private. Making this information public calls your judgement into question.

People don't like to hear negative views on a candidate's employer, justified as they may be, because they think you might one day potentially do the same with them. This kind of negative attitude is not what potential employers like to see in their employees.

Your description of past poor interviewing performance, health issues, Botox, insurance costs, minimum salary needs, bad bosses, etc. etc. makes you sound off the wall.

I am not a psychologist but I get the impression that you have frustration and anger issues that might benefit from a therapist first and a job search coach second.

You do need help but this type of quick question and answer forum is not conducive to the more intensive talking discussion that I think may be more fitting in your situation.

In conclusion, even if you think my advice is unhelpful or unintentionally hurtful, it is best to respond in a polite fashion.


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