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Netsuite License Costs

I'm getting hammered on my Netsuite license costs. It's over $60k/yr for mid-market with OneWorld + 2 subs, and rev recognition module with a tiny accounting team <5. Are any of you willing to anonymously share what type of deals you've been able to negotiate?


(President) |

I'll look up what we see in the market with the contracts we've worked on.

Dabney Wellford
Title: CFO
Company: Wellford Consulting
(CFO, Wellford Consulting) |

I am not too surprised. How much did you negotiate when selecting the system? I would negotiate pretty hard - do it well in advance, and let them know that you are willing to switch systems (even if that is not really in the cards).

You do not say what industry you are in. The bottom line may be that what you are dealing with comes at a price. It is expensive and stressful to switch systems, and a calculation of that cost should be weighed.

I am not a fan of theirs.

Jeffrey Ishmael
Title: Chief Financial Officer
Company: Cylance, Inc.
(Chief Financial Officer, Cylance, Inc.) |

We've utilized the NetSuite platform and have been quite happy with it. Once we added the RevRec module then this had a dramatic increase on our licensing fees, but then again, this is probably one of the most critical modules we are deploying and I would never want to try and handle this outside the system. We have a Finance staffing count that is equivalent to yours and after a successful Series-B, I can't emphasize the value of having a great system & reporting structure in place.

Paul Major
Title: Director of Finance & Corporate Controll..
Company: Nominum, Inc.
(Director of Finance & Corporate Controller, Nominum, Inc.) |

Based on my experience it seems you should be closer to $50k. Ping me if you want to discuss.

Topic Expert
Bob Stenz
Title: Controller
Company: Silicon Valley start-up
(Controller, Silicon Valley start-up) |

You might want to reconsider OneWorld and instead leverage your local accountant's systems (should be no additional charge for this) and record your consolidation in NS with a journal entry. This approach generally assumes that your subs are cost centers (non-billing) and relatively small. It also means that you'll lose drill-down from NS into the details of the subs. For sure, OneWorld for your subs is a better solution...but from the pricing I've received for's pretty expensive and not always cost justified.

(Finance Director) |

thanks guys. What we've been offerred is basically 30% off list price for all Netsuite options we needed with a 3 year term. Has anyone been able to get a better deal than this?

(Business Development) |

I'd suggest working with a partner on licensing. They do this for a living and can ensure you get a great license contract and are protected from future price increases.

Bob Wittig
Title: Account Executive
Company: Business Intelligence 101
(Account Executive, Business Intelligence 101) |

It is easier to negotiate a big discount on the initial purchase, not so easy on the renewal. Having a partner is definitely the best way to work with NetSuite, as they offer front line support at an hourly rate versus an expensive support agreement.

We would be happy to work with you and get a better deal.
Business Intelligence 101
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