What is the difference between the role of PMO and Project Manager?

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difference between pmo and project managerWhat are the differences between a PMO vs project manager?


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In short a project manager will manage a project; a PMO team manages a portfolio of projects (aka a program). A PMO normally also makes sure that all projects are staffed, executed according to consistent standards and that there is a clear linkage of each project to the organizational strategy. A project manager needs to leverage the resources of a PMO to execute his/her project according to consistent standards, etc.


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Good question, Roger.

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Len has got it according to my experience. The head of the PMO is often a well experienced project manager who has had successive, increasingly more complex projects up to programs to manage. At my former companies, the PMO was often housed in the IT organization. But at the end of my tenure at a large financial services company, it moved to the CFO's organization where it had heightened visibility and success.