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QuickBooks Single User vs. Multi User License

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QuickBooks Multi User License vs Single UserHi...I have a client who has QB2009, supposedly with 2 licenses.  They'd like to get more, but can't add to 2009.

Two questions for you power users out there:
1) Is there a limit to the number of computers you can install a single user license on (e.g. 5 different computers using the same license, company file is on the server...only one user can log in at a time)? 
2) If you purchase a multi-user license, is the cost incremental? e.g. each additional user costs $X.  I thought that previously single user was one at a time and multi-user allowed up to 5, but their customer service department has provided different info.



Arnold Sidun
Title: Controller
Company: In-Between
(Controller, In-Between) |

What QB has told me in the past was:

A. You can put QB on other computers, but only two can use the software at one time.
B. As far as adding more users, my last discussion about 2009 was that they were not limiting. But, at this point, it would probably be better to upgrade to 2011 and put on the number of users you need.
C. When I had my Bookkeeping Service, I was steering my clients to the online QB. It is lacking in some functions but for the most part works well. I even put a non-profit, that I volunteer at online and it works pretty good for their needs.

Hope this helps!

Sarah Jackson
Title: Associate Editor
Company: Proformative
(Associate Editor, Proformative) |

Here's another interesting/related conversation:

"Quickbooks - Multiple Entity Management"

Anna Bielecki
Title: Chief Financial Officer / Controller/Sen..
Company: ToBe Enterprises
(Chief Financial Officer / Controller/Senior Consultant, ToBe Enterprises) |

Every QuickBooks version can be used in single or multiuser mode. You are not stating which version your client is using, Pro, Premiere, etc. and that is important. The years matter but not in this case. If your client has 2 licenses they should be able to have two instantaneous users using QB. Just from what I am reading here… you should be able to install QB on the server and on two additional computers and two users can use it from any of the three computers.


dick nealy
Title: Trusted Advisor
Company: Family Office services
(Trusted Advisor, Family Office services) |

I understand the QB on line version is really good if you only have ONE company to manage. Lots of benefits but the drawback is you are limited to ONE entity.

Anna Bielecki
Title: Chief Financial Officer / Controller/Sen..
Company: ToBe Enterprises
(Chief Financial Officer / Controller/Senior Consultant, ToBe Enterprises) |

You can subscribe QB online for multiple companies. Those are not consolidated, if that's what you are referring to.
Just FYI, QB online has less functionality than Pro and Premier version.

dick nealy
Title: Trusted Advisor
Company: Family Office services
(Trusted Advisor, Family Office services) |

Thanks for the clarification about QB online. Better to ask users than get confused about what the materials say!

Michele Riffe
Title: Owner
(Owner, ) |

I would not recommend QB Online to any client without first understanding their business needs. QB Online is not for a power user or for a business that is complex. Personally, I have never recommended QB Online as the appropriate software solution. NOT a fan of "the cloud" in general, don't like limitations and I certainly don't like down time. I work very hard to make sure my Clients are served beyond their expectations and don't need a 3rd party to make me look bad. Been there, done that, not doing it again.

Becky Warburg
Title: Contract Accountant
Company: Premier Business Solutions
(Contract Accountant, Premier Business Solutions) |

I completely agree. There are so many limits to what QB online can do. You are better off purchasing more users than going online in most cases.

Joanie Mann
Title: Principal Consultant
Company: Cooper Mann Consulting
LinkedIn Profile
(Principal Consultant, Cooper Mann Consulting) |

All QuickBooks licenses (installable for the PC) are inherently single-user. Multi-user functionality happens when you combine a multi-user license key with the use of the QB database manager. If you want two or more users in a single data file at the same time, you have to use the DB manager to facilitate that. If you have two licenses of QB, you can combine them into a 2-user key, and then the DB manager will allow two users in the same data file at the same time.

QuickBooks licensing is a wierd combination of a human being and a computer. If you have one person using a machine, then a single license is OK. However, if you have one person use QB on that computer in the a.m., and then another person using QB on that computer in the p.m., then you're technically supposed to have 2 licenses - one for each person using the PC.

There's a technical reality that is different from the licensing language. The software will technically allow you to install it on as many computers as you like, but that's in violation of the EULA. And, having a multi-user license doesn't guarantee you multi-user access to a data file unless you have a DB manager running.

QuickBooks hosting (or hosting other desktop or network apps) is a completely viable alternative to businesses who need the benefits of managed app services, but who don't want to invest themselves in a SaaS solution.

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