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Should I use a resume service to make-over my resume? I recently signed up to a job board service and they peformed a free resume evaluation. Do you think the resume evaluation is generic across the board to get people to pay $350 and up for a resume remake? I think my resume is pretty impressive; however, I'd like to go from being an Accounting Manager to an Assistant Controller or Controller. thanks


(Manager) |

Sometimes resumes aren't all they could be because of simple clarity issues. Have you considered getting an informal critique by knowledgeable peers or recruiters?

Also, if you haven't already, you may want to make small adjustments to different versions of your resume to highlight experience most relevant to different potential employers.

Finally, $350 seems a bit steep. You might shop around.

Lyle Newkirk
Title: CFO
Company: Corrigo Incorporated
(CFO, Corrigo Incorporated) |

Ask a friend with some grammatical and editing skills to proof it then get a peer to review it for content. Ask yourself if your resume truly represents you. I think you will get cookie cutter answer for $350 and be sorry you paid for it.

Topic Expert
Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
LinkedIn Profile
(President & CFO, |

If you get multiple free critiques, you'll get multiple comments on why your resume isn't up to snuff, most times with contradictory suggestions.

I agree with Lyle, save your money.

scott graves
Title: CFO
Company: Armstrong Teasdale LLC
(CFO, Armstrong Teasdale LLC) |

Check with you alma mater; many of them now have "career coaches" who will help you with your resume, job search, etc. The career coach that I used from my alma mater was outstanding.

(VP of Finance) |

Here is what you'll receive for $350: "Your resume needs to reflect your personal brand and what makes you unique in the marketplace."

In today's "robo application" world where machines scan for key words, you need to be prepared to tweak your resume to reflect as many skills and key words as possible each time you apply for a job. Thus, there is no longer the "perfect" resume because the only good resume is the one that gets you past the initial screen out.

dan Poirier
Title: Executive Director
Company: XPOband, LLC
(Executive Director, XPOband, LLC) |

Your resume needs to be written by you. These services are not helpful and will only give you advice that makes your resume look and sound like it was written by someone else.

There are plenty of resources out there to help you with critiques and you don't need to spend $350. If you have been networking, tap into your network of professionals. Some may even be HR professionals or other accounting professionals higher in the food chain than you. Ask them if your resume would get past their initial and/or secondary review. My bet is that their opinions will mean more than a service that takes your money.

The resume is only one tool. Networking will likely be your best bet on making that upward move that you are looking to make.

Mark Matheny
Title: VP - FInancial Planning and Analysis
Company: Novolex (formerly Hilex Poly)
(VP - FInancial Planning and Analysis, Novolex (formerly Hilex Poly)) |

A used a service a number of years ago. One of the things they helped with was to put a more positive spin on my accomplishments. I found that very helpful as I was not really good at "bragging."

Topic Expert
Moshe Kravitz
Title: Director of Finance
Company: IDT Telecom
LinkedIn Profile
(Director of Finance, IDT Telecom) |

1. Build your resume with the following format:

a clear POSITIONING statement (indicating what you do),

DIFFERENTIATE yourself (wy should they hire you instead of a zillion other applicants) and

quantified ACCOMPLISHMENTS (don't tell them what you can do; show them what you've done).

2. For more help in building your resume, view my webinar on Essentials of Resumes and Interviewing at

3. There are resume writers who are worth their snuff, but it's best to get referrals from friends who used someone they were satisfied with and also to see samples of their work. It is pricey, but if it gets you meetings, isn't it worth it?

Andrew Nussbaum
Title: Director of Finance and Adminstration
Company: **--**--**
(Director of Finance and Adminstration, **--**--**) |

Dear Annonymous Accounting Manager,

Having just completed a very long job search, I can say (with confidence) paying for a resume writer is a serious waste of money --- the "services" will do nothing more than interview you with a series of questions, then 'craft' your responses into the resume... i.e. you write it (by your responses) and they make it look pretty... pretty is not going to make a hiring manager want you --- as many others have said, keep your money!

And, I actually did work with a resume writer/ career coach-type person --- and, not sure I was satisfied with the results... I think this career coach did help me work through some things and make my resume a little stronger, but the money invested was excessive. I doubt I would do so again.

The most important part of your resume is highlight of your accomplishments... what did you do to help your current/ previous employer... i.e. save company money, increase revenue, maintain revenue (in falling economy), better align resources to business need, etc.

Good luck!



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