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I am currently using SAP Business One for my accounting software.  I am happy with SAP Business One, however, I am unhappy with its report's writter (Power Analystics/Power Olap).  Has any one out there use SAP Business One with a different report's writter? 



Ricky Dang
Title: Controller
Company: Reneson Hotels Inc.
(Controller, Reneson Hotels Inc.) |

Our company uses FRX report writing software to do financial reportings for our accounting software MAS 200. I think it can be used for SAP also. By the way, I like the software.

Eric Philo
Title: CFO
Company: CarShow
(CFO, CarShow) |

I am CFO of a new e-commerce company. I'd love to talk to anyone who has implemented SAP Business One, concerning issues such as cost and the "mechanics" of implementation - what a company that installs SAP BUsiness One might charge, and how the implementation process went.

Peter Lyons, MBA, CMA
Title: Finance and Technology Enthusiast
Company: Currently Looking
(Finance and Technology Enthusiast, Currently Looking) |

In your post you mention that you're a new e-commerce company. SAP Business One might be a little too big of an application for a start-up. We had looked at implementing Business One a few years back and it came with a $100k+ implementation price tag.

Why not consider Peachtree or Quickbooks?

Pat Kirscher
Title: Consultant/Trainer
Company: Report Righters
(Consultant/Trainer, Report Righters) |

Concur that it may be too robust/pricey for a startup...Keeping that in mind, it can still be worth considering if you've already reached the point where an ERP system is necessary to provide a competitive edge (e.g. too many users; significant data redundancy; numerous spreadsheets or access databases; and so on.) If this is the case, then here's some key considerations: 1) Since system implememtations can fail to reap the full benefits of streamlined processes if users are unwilling to adapt to a new screen/report layout or process flow, can you identify several 'key users' within your organization who will have the authority and be able to quickly & effectively make team oriented process flow decisions, plus inform/train other users?; 2) are you & key team members ready to spend a significant amount of time devoted to selecting & implementing a new system?; 3) What is the most difficult issue/process that you're currently dealing with? and what 'key' information will differientiate you from your competition? These questions become vital in truly selecting the correct system for your business model, because it is a good idea to select a system only after you've had an in-depth opportunity to see through multiple sessions how your needs will actually 'fit.' In fact, it can be 'cheap insurance' to pay for key-user training and/or an indepth needs analysis before you commit to a significant system purchase... Meanwhile, yes, having previously implemented SAP Business One, Dynamics NAV, MAS90, QuickBooks, and so on, I'd be happy to discuss implementations with you... Please send me an e-mail via my profile link and we can proceed from there.

Richard Wermuth
Title: Financial Systems VP
Company: Independent Consultant
(Financial Systems VP, Independent Consultant) |


one of the things you may wish to do is define all of your reporting requirements and build an appropriate enterprise data warehouse. Then you have an array of reporting tools to chooses from.

Pat Kirscher
Title: Consultant/Trainer
Company: Report Righters
(Consultant/Trainer, Report Righters) |

For operational reports without complex cube/dimension requirements, I'm thinking you'll want to consider Crystal Reports... I'd successfully used Crystal with SAP Business One a few years ago when I was an SAP Business One implementer, and since then it's now owned by SAP and thus presumably becoming more integrated with the product? (like other systems I've worked with.) When compared with FRx, Crystal can take a bit more work initially since it does not automatically understand inherent debit/credit account signage or chart of account segments, but I've created financial statement reports using crystal as well, some tradeoffs being: only one report writer, FRx can be intimidating to new users, though it's the better choice if you use a lot of forecasting or consolidations via Excel (hint: you'd want to check if FRx is/will be available for SAP Business One - e.g. Sage has announced they're retiring it.) If you'd like to provide a bit more information about some of your report requirements (either via this discussion or via the proformative e-mail), it should be possible to help further identify your best choices. Best wishes.

Heidi Vu
Title: controller
Company: Splash Studios LLC f/k/a Moonscoop LLC
(controller, Splash Studios LLC f/k/a Moonscoop LLC) |

I had used FRx at my previous employer and loved it. I checked it out, unfortunately, FRx does not work with SAP Business One. I may try Crystal reports.
Thanks for your inputs.

Gerald Petak
Title: Consulting Controller
Company: Ravix Group
(Consulting Controller, Ravix Group) |

I implemented SAP Biz one about 4 years ago for a fabless semi conductor company. The PO system and standard cost and yield accounting worked very well.

I am familiar with e commerce business and would ask your sales rep for another company's example of how it is working.

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