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Should I disclose to recruiters going concern risk at current employer?

My company is experiencing going concerns and I think it may only be time before it goes under. I am not yet actively looking but have updated my resume. I get contacted here and there from recruiters and they ask about my situation. When they ask me why I am considering leaving, is it okay for me to disclose that I have going concerns? The company is a small private partnership. I want to be honest with recruiters without disclosing something I shouldn't. I am not really looking at this point, but I do have my eyes open in case something comes up that I am interested in. I am also concerned that if I lie or use a false reason about my situation, I may raise a false flag with the recruiter.


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You have no obligation to do so nor they have any right to know (about the going concern issue). Any BS reason will do.

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Although I completely agree, I must say, this hasn't been successful in my recent experiences.

In the last three years, I've interviewed for at least five positions. Multiple times for each one Sometimes starting with a recruiter.

This question always comes up. And, my standard answer is, "I've been there for fifteen years. I've done all that I can to improve process and results. I'm getting to diminishing returns. I'm looking for a new opportunity to make a positive difference."

That answer is universally not accepted. The interviewers, usually the person I would be reporting to, seem to pick and pick at it. Seeking more information. I've had them dig and dig at it. As though they know I'm hiding something.

That puts me in tough spot. I don't want to dwell on the negatives of my current employer. But, that is the only reason I'm leaving. A grossly unbusiness like, self dealing CEO reporting to a disinterested board with absolutely no where to turn for any employee with integrity.

What I really want to say is, "How much turnover have you had in this position over the last ten years? Why is this position open now? What happened to the last incumbent? Did they choose to leave or, did you choose for them to leave?"

Maybe then they'd get the hint. ;-(

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Wayne Spivak
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I, like many have NDA's with companies I've work at/with. My standard answer is, I'm sorry I have an NDA, so I can't give you certain types of specifics.

This is the truth. No whether they agree or disagree with my interpretation of the NDA is another story.

A perfect example is I worked for a PE Company that refuses me to name them, but is more than happy to give a reference. My next statement is, sometimes you need to choose your battles, and while I am at a loss to the reason or logic, its not worth fighting over or about.

The typical response from the other person is "bizarre, but you are right."

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Thank you Emerson, Anon and Wayne. Wayne I think you gave me my answer. I will tell them I have a NDA (which I do) and then also mention I am on good terms with them and can get a reference later if I made it to that point (obviously I won't have them get a reference while I am still working there). I think that covers my need to not disclose something I don't want to while also making it clear that it my wanting to leave has nothing to do with my work and performance there.


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