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Unclaimed funds recovery agencies: Are they trustful?

unclaimed funds recovery servicesWe are receiving calls from several agencies that say they have located a dormant/unclaimed cash asset held in our name and can help us to recover it.

And they require to sign an agreement with 10% commission. Is there anyone with similar experience?


Chris Shumate
Title: Accounting Manager
Company: Dominion Development Group, LLC
LinkedIn Profile
(Accounting Manager, Dominion Development Group, LLC) |

If you have unclaimed property, or think you may, you should be able to check your state's website. Tennessee's Treasury Department has a place that can be searched. You have to do your own work in getting it back. These agencies do it for the fees. Check your state's Treasury website to see if something truly exists. The agency has no claim to your money. So they do not have the unclaimed property, nor can they, unless it is agreed to.

(Agent, JKS Solutions, Inc.) |

Don't pay any commissions to anyone. Check for refunds yourself on your state's website. Each state has a website that is completely free. The site will require you to substantiate or prove you are the company representative.

Its easy, so delegate the work to one of your junior staff.

Mike Doles
Title: Director
Company: Carrier Cost Management, Inc.
(Director, Carrier Cost Management, Inc.) |

We were recently contacted by one of these firms in a letter stating that we had a specific amount of unclaimed funds outstanding with a governmental agency. We had no problem with their collection model as a percentage of funds collected since these funds were over 5 years old and were found monies as far as we were concerned. We didn't have to spend any time at all on this other than to sign a contingency agreement. Further, we were told that we should receive a check in approximately 30 days and that is exactly what occurred. Money well spent or should I say money well gained.

Philip Russell
Title: CFO
Company: FCB Homes
(CFO, FCB Homes) |

I would not pay a dime for this service. If they can find it, you can find it.

Ruben Juarez
Title: Financial Solutions Manager
Company: MedAssets, Inc.
(Financial Solutions Manager, MedAssets, Inc.) |

While it is true that if they can find it, so can you, sometimes it may be easier to let them do it. I had one of these services contact us about some funds we had in Canada. I spent so much time getting documentation together and figuring out the Canadian process, that I would have saved money by letting the service do it.

Tammu Rutland
Title: None
Company: None
(None, None) |

Where is my money coming from

Sean Gee
Title: OWNER
Company: T.O.P.S REIM, LLC

As a licensed United States Recovery Broker, I must agree to disagree with many of the comments, so please excuse my run-ons, misspelling, etc I am livid right now. To those that have commented and used our services with outstanding results thank you for the compliments, we are here to help. I have read several comments on this post, I had to chat in and I must say if you were contacted by an agency to inform you of funds that you had "NO CLUE OR IDEA EVEN EXISTED OR WHERE TO GET THE FUNDS OR HOW TO GET THE FUNDS" you should be grateful.
Those funds are kept by your state/county after a 1 to 6 year period of time, a few states have no expiration however those funds can still be kept with time. "BILLIONS OF DOLLARS" that belong to you that you would have never known existed if you were never contacted by the agency. You were bound to lose those funds without even knowing about them the audacity to belittle people helping you. These legal state to state agencies that includes (i.e. attorneys, licensed agents, certified recovery agents, licensed brokers, etc...) go out of there way to contact you and assist you in receiving funds (from beginning to the end) that are rightfully yours, without any upfront cost (we often pay many fees before receiving any percentage) why would you not work with them. These funds many have been sitting for years waiting for the govt to keep and we don't want to see that happen. Yes, I would agree that some of these agencies are overpricing people but even those people are grateful. When they had no idea that $63,000 dollars was theirs and they were two weeks away from losing it forever and we are ready to move on it because by the time you even figure out that you had funds and try to pursue it on your own you may lose it, I've seen it way too many times.

In closing our firm United States Recovery Group, LLC is a national group of agents, realtors, brokers, attorneys, licensed stay-at-home-moms, even some volunteers that assist those who need help with recovering what's rightfully yours and we fight hard for you...


Just sign the proper legal forms, and we take care of the rest. I have sadly seen time and time again people going out to pursue the funds, property or whatever on their own after getting calls and have failed in deliverance because they didn't do their due diligence. Landlords had no idea their property was up for auction until we reached out to them to help! Please if you never worked with an agency you truly are just giving an opinion one that could cost someone thousands.

In nearly all cases, it takes a long time to collect tax sale overages, If you’re expecting the county to “do all the work” for you, then guess what – you’ll have to work by their schedule. In many cases, their schedule will literally take years to pan out. So tell me… is it worth your time only to sit around for that long, all so you can maybe get paid one day or let the professionals do the work for you and get your paid in weeks?

Sean Gee
United States Recovery Group, LLC
(832) 9347122


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