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Using Excel for Mac 2011, How do I scroll down when I want to either highlight numerous rows, or I want to say paste down a formula from several columns on one row down say 5,000 rows?

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Charley Kyd
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Company: ExcelUser
(Founder, ExcelUser) |

Here's how to do it in Windows Excel; I assume it works about the same in Mac Excel...

Suppose you have a column of data that's 5000 rows high...

...If you go to the top of the column and then press Ctrl+DownArrow, you'll slide down that column to the last cell with data in the column.

...If you hold down your Shift key and then press Ctrl+DownArrow, you'll slide down the column, but Excel will select the area that begins where you started and ends where you stopped.

Now suppose that you have a column of data in the range C5:C5000, that you have some formulas in the range D5:F5, and that you want to paste those formulas to all the rows from D6 through D5000. Here's a trick that works very well...

1. Copy the range that has your formulas (D5:F5).
2. Select cell C5.
3. Press Ctrl+DownArrow to slide all the way down to cell C5000.
4. Press the RightArrow key once to select cell D5000.
5. Hold down your Shift key and the press Ctrl+UpArrow to slide all the way back to cell D5, while also selecting the range D5:D5000.
6. Press Ctrl+v to paste the copied range into this area.

I *think* that's what you were asking how to do.

Thomas Burke
Title: Senior Management Consultant
Company: Clear Thinking Group
(Senior Management Consultant, Clear Thinking Group) |

Thanks, will give it a try.

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Wayne Spivak
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(President & CFO, |


While I haven't tested the aforementioned tip, but I have found that Mac Excel is way different than Windows Excel, in both placement of menu items, functionality and keystrokes.

I use it on my Mac Air while traveling and it is quite annoying (the differences).

Topic Expert
Charley Kyd
Title: Founder
Company: ExcelUser
(Founder, ExcelUser) |


As a general rule, I've found that Mac Excel users are fairly accustomed to making the adjustments needed to use Windows-Excel tips in Mac Excel. I hope Thomas was able to make those adjustments.

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